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Cabana Club Beauty — Bobbi Brown “Cabana Corals” Spring 2010 Collection


While I’ll “ooh” and “aah” at the sight of a gorgeous coral reef, I tend to believe the color of these formations is best left for marine expeditions. Sure, a bold coral necklace is one thing, but coral lipstick? Never been a fan. But, of course, Bobbi Brown is making me abandon any reservations about this hue with her new Cabana Corals collection for Spring 2010. There are no bright, fiery red corals in the collection, but rather gradations of sandy pink corals and earthier coral shades. There’s a perkiness to the collection, and a sunny and almost tropical quality that makes it ideal for the spring season,  and yet the reinvented coral hues are completely accessible and wearable.

The Cabana Corals collection includes three new Metallic Lip Color shades (Coral Reef, Coral Glaze, and Calypso Glaze), and two new shades of Bobbi Brown’s Lip Color (Cabo Coral and Guava), as well as three new Shimmer Lip Gloss hues (Sunset Beach, Coral Sand and Golden Nectar), two new Shimmer Brick Compacts (Nectar and Pink Quartz), and a brand new California Coral Pot Rouge.

Below, you’ll find images of the products in the collection, as well as some swatches!



Pictured here are the five new lip color shades, all of which feature emollient ingredients that nourish lips. Two of the shades have the creamy, matte finish of Bobbi’s classic lip colors (Cabo Coral and Guava), whereas the remaining three shades (Coral Reef, Coral Glaze, and Calypso Glaze) feature light-reflective pearls that shimmer in the light.

Check out the swatches of the Coral Reef Metallic Lip Color (below, left) and the Cabo Coral Lip Color (below, right). I love the coppery sheen of the Coral Reef shade and its peachy undertones, as well as how it shimmers without appearing glittery. The Cabo Coral lipstick, meanwhile, is more of a deep pink salmon color, the type you’d of intense pink coral shade you’d affiliate with spring weddings and rose bouquets.

Bobbi Brown Metallic Lip Color in Coral Reef and Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Cabo Coral:


Bobbi Brown Lip Color, $22. Visit BobbiBrownCosmetics.com



These compacts feature five stripes of high-sheen pigments of varying intensities. The shades can be blended together and used as a blush, or they can be used individually on eyes for a very understated, natural look. The Pink Quartz Shimmer Brick (pictured above, at left) features desert sand hues with just a hint of orange-tinged pink so that, when blended together, you get a nice rose gold shade with a bit of a coppery tint. The Nectar Shimmer Brick, meanwhile, features more intense pink corals, golden apricot, and coppery peach shades.

Pictured below are swatches of each of the shades in the Pink Quartz Shimmer Brick:


Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Pink Quartz and Nectar, $38 each. Visit BobbiBrown.com


Three new shades of Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer Lip Gloss were introduced as part of this collection: Sunset Beach, Golden Nectar and Coral Sand. I had a chance to try the Coral San gloss, and I loved the golden bronze tint which has only a minimal amount of coral tones in it. That being said, the gloss is extremely sticky, which I personally don’t favor in glosses, but the color’s a keeper.

Check out what the Coral Sand Shimmer Lip Gloss looks like on skin:


Bobbi Brown Shimmer Lip Gloss, $20. Visit BobbiBrownCosmetics.com



The final addition to the Cabana Corals collection was a new Pot Rouge shade in a punchy coral hue. The creamy, multi-purpose rouge can be applied to lips, cheeks, or lids, for just a hint of perk-you-up color.

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge, $22. Visit BobbiBrownCosmetics.com

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