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Clinique High Lengths Mascara Lets Lashes Live The High Life


I used to think there was no way to top the spherical spiked wand in Givenchy’s Phenomen’Eyes mascara, but I think I’ve found another magic wand with the curvilinear green applicator in Clinique’s High Lengths Mascara. Dubbed the “willow” wand, the lengthy applicator curves ever so slightly to mimic that half moon line along the lash line. Along the wand’s length, you’ll find rows of small tines which, in essence, operate like a fine-toothed comb, separating lashes while infusing them with deep, dramatic color.

Now, of course, the goal here is to lengthen lashes so, while the High Lengths Mascara does include thickening agents (like Acacia Senegal Gum), it doesn’t emphasize plumping the lashes and adding volume as much as it does extending them. Personally, I tend to value long lashes over really thick ones, so I found this mascara to be ideal. First, the subtle curve along the wand makes the application process a cinch, since you don’t have to struggle with strange angles to reach all of your lashes but can, instead, comb through practically the entire lash line in a single stroke. The tines, meanwhile, separate lashes efficiently, so that you don’t have to worry about clumping or about color being deposited unevenly. And, best of all, it delivers sky high length — I felt like Betty Boop with my new, dramatically long and flirty lashes (which I could bat mercilessly).

Another asset here is that lashes don’t feel too crunchy or stiff (which tends to be a drawback with most mascaras). Ingredients like sodium hyaluronte, panethenol and panthenine work to condition and soften lashes so that, even after you take off the mascara, they still look nice and healthy.

As far as mascaras go, this has been one of the most pleasant surprises in years and has quickly climbed the charts on my list of must-own mascaras. Talk about a high note!

Check out how long my lashes look in the pics below:



Clinique High Lengths Mascara, $14. Visit Clinique.com

**A press sample was submitted for review and utilized to write this piece.

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