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In The Heights With Casadei’s Double Platform Pumps



I remember spotting Eva Mendes wearing a metallic pair of Casadei’s 3504 Double Platform Pumps and thinking,”Wait, where exactly is her shoe closet?” I kid, of course, but I did have my sights set on these ridiculously sky high pumps (the heel measures 5 1/4″, while the platform measures 1 3/4″). Now, I’m all of 5’0″ tall, and these pumps would hike me all the way up to 5’7″ — I can’t even imagine what life looks like from up there, but darn it if I won’t find out!

Not only are these height-adding heroes, but they’re now available in such funky colors as Setalux Mint (pictured second from top), Kidore Violet (pictured at top), Kidore Lemon (pictured below), and Kidore Atoll (pictured last), so you can kick things up a notch in more ways that one.




Casadei 3504 Double Platform Pumps, $590. Visit Endless.com

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