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Junkprints “This Or That” Rings — The Choice Is Yours



As many of you know, I'm a certified Junkprints fanatic —there's just something so clever and original about the way Channel Kennebrew's funky designs reference pop culture. Take, for example, these new  Junkprints "This Or That" rings, which reference the classic Black Sheep song "The Choice Is Yours" — you know,  the joint that goes, "You can get with this/Or you can get with that/I think you'll get with this/'Cause this is where it's at." If you want to go back on the scene crispy and clean, then, you should definitely check out this set of two-finger rings.

Each "This Or That" two-finger ring was handmade using laser cut plexi  and measures 3.5" in width and 1.5" in height. The rings come as a set (so you can wear one on each hand) and are individually signed and numbered. I love how Kennebrew used bulbous, almost graffiti-style bubble letters (notice the thick black outline of each letter) to give the rings that playful '80s vibe, while the colorful cloud motifs below each word seem to nod to early subway art (think Iz the Wiz) and the glittery rainbow arcs add a hint of disco-era flash.

I say you get with the "This" ring and the "That" ring because, when it comes to sassy jewelry, you can't beat that with a bat.

"This Or That" Ring Set, $200. Available at Junkprints.com

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