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From Mani To Mani With M2M Natural Nail Care


I may have missed the M2M welcome wagon, but I’m ready to ride on its parade float (metaphorically speaking, of course)! I’ll admit the brand is a recent discovery for me (it’s only been about two months ago since I first tinkered with any M2M polish), but I’m already smitten with some of the shades I’ve rocked during these weeks, like the hot pink Sugar Berry color I wore to complement one of my decidedly louder ensembles during New York Fashion Week. I actually stopped by a Sephora.com store in between fashion shows that day, and one of the employees asked me about the nail polish color, a delicious fluorescent pink that’s about as deep and bright as Tarina Tarantino‘s hair. And hey, the way I see it, when a Sephora makeup artist is asking you about your makeup or nails, you know you’re onto something good.

So here’s the scoop on the brand: two years ago, a power duo of celebrity manicurists, Myrdeth Leon-McCormack and Monica Promsavanh, had a novel idea. Why not start their very own line of nail lacquers? They definitely had enough experience: Leon-McCormack had spent years of polishing the nails of celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Jill Scott, Jennifer Lopez, Uma Thurman, and Vivica Fox, while Promsavanh had completed a stint at Burberry before making her foray into the beauty industry as a manicurist. Plus, after meeting backstage at a Vera Wang show during New York Fashion Week, they worked side by side at New York City’s Edris Salon. Their combined expertise, expansive client base, passion for color, and synergic work styles constituted a great recipe for success. And so the two “Ms” launched M2M Natural Nail Care. They later linked up with Melky Jean, Wyclef’s sis, and vowed to donate a percentage of the sale of each nail lacquer to Jean’s Carma Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides housing, food, and medical support to people in Haiti. Given the vastness of the recent earthquake tragedy, this type of partnership is all the more essential in helping to channel funds to those organizations that are on the ground in Haiti, helping people find shelter and nourishment.

Not only is M2M Nail Care committed to social activism, but it’s engaged in increasing environmental awareness by relying on formulas that are free of formaldehyde, toluene and DBP.

Pictured here are some of the nail lacquer shades I’ve recently tried as well as a brief description of each.


Crown Royal


This beautiful yellow gold shade reminds me of the Rumpelstitskin fairy tale — if the miller’s daughter in that tale really could have spun straw into gold, this is what I image it would’ve looked like.


Star Burst (Worn Atop Two Coats Of Crown Royal)


I love that this glittery shade is more of a gold lamé tone, which gives it a decadent ’80s feel. You can wear the polish by itself or layer it atop another shade as I did in the photo above, when I applied a coat of Star Burst atop a few coats of Crown Royal. And, unlike many glitter polishes that clump or chip easily, this one actually manages to last a fair amount of time.


Havana Nights


This sexy red is a deep sangria shade, but it has a fantastic ruby sheen. It feels a bit forbidden and is the type of shade that makes you feel like dancing sweatily in an underground club.

Milky Way


Generally speaking, I’m not at all fond of white nail lacquers. I feel like they wind up looking cheap, like you just sat there with a tube of White-Out and coated each nail. But M2M’s Milky White, with its icy winter white color and pearlescent shimmer, really won me over. It’s a creamy shade, but it does have an iridescent quality that makes it playful and edgy. That being said, as with all white polishes, it’s hard to make the manicure look as clean as with other hues, so it does help it you make sure the surface of the nail is really smooth and ridge-free.


M2M Natural Nail Care polishes, $11 each. Visit M2MDamoreJon.com

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