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MAC Riveting Collection — Riotous Fun

With a name like “Riveting,” MAC’s new spring collection could hardly afford to be filled with wallflower-esque neutral shades or preppy pale pinks. Instead, this collection nods to ’80s rock-n-roll icons — not flashy glam metal singers or angst-ridden grunge griots, but those seemingly fearless female artists whose strength and bravado made them both controversial and widely loved. But this collection isn’t all rock-n-roll fury; in many ways, it’s more about the lithe models who inspired the decade’s artists – from Jerry Hall (mother to four of Mick Jagger’s children) to Stephanie Seymour (who can forget her stint with Axl Rose?) and Iman (David Bowie’s beloved wife). If you imagine Pat Benatar’s heavily contoured cheekbones, the dark lipsticks and metallic hints of eye color rocked by Grace Jones, the pops pf bright pink favored by Debbie Harry,and the edgy but elegant attitude personified by Linda Evangelista, you’ll get an idea of how the collection draws upon rock culture.

Pictured below are the products in the collection, as well as some swatches!




This range of lipstick hues makes a strong statement without having to do any shouting. The loudest color if, of course, the bright pink Show Orchid, while the Bubbles (a sheer pearly white) and Metal Maven (a light Tin Man-worthy silver) play up the role of metallics in rock-n-roll fashion. The Riveting lipstick shade, meanwhile, is a creamy taupe shade with hints of purple and a creamy finish.

Swatches of MAC Metal Maven (pictured below, at top) and Riveting (pictured below, at bottom) lipsticks:


MAC Cosmetics Lipstick, $14. Visit MACcosmetics.com



These sticky lip gloss shades focus on the brighter side of the ’80s era with an eye-catching, blue-pink shade, True Babe,  and a light, glaze-y silver color, Rock Out. I love how the True Babe shade looks like on the lips — it kind of reminds me of the Make Up For Ever Glossy Full Coleur in 4 color, but this one is more sheer and features icier, more violet undertones. The Rock Our Lipglass shade, meanwhile, is practically clear with tons of silver sparkle and, in my opinion, works best atop a base shade.

Swatches of MAC Cosmetics Rock Out (pictured below, at top) and True Babe (pictured below, at bottom) Lipglass shades:


MAC Cosmetics Tinted Lipglass, $14. Visit MACcosmetics.com



Accentuating cheekbones is key here so, of course, MAC is offering two bold new powder blush shades: Full Fuchsia, an extremely bright pink shade with a very soft, dusty texture and an iridescent texture, and Dirty Plum, a deep plum purple to give your cheeks that slightly bruised look. If you’re fair skinned, sweeping the Deep Plum color along the top of your cheekbones may seem a bit intimidating, but if you focus on sculpting those cheeks and keeping the rest of the makeup on the low-key side, you’ll be amazed by the final result.

Swatches of MAC Cosmetics Full Fuchsia (below, left) and Deep Plum (below, right) Powder Blush:


MAC Powder Blush, $18.50. Visit MACcosmetics.com



Matte nails are key in this collection, and the color options are moody and edgy — from Studded, which reminds me of silver spray paint (if you live in a New York apartment, you likely have a radiator that’s been painted in a shade very similar to this one), to Black Enough?, a matte black shade, and Wham, Bam, Glam, a deep, dark chocolate rum raisin hue.

Honestly, while I love MAC products, their nail lacquers don’t tend to impress me too much; these, however, are spectacular and yes, my friends, riveting.

Check out how these look on the nails!

MAC Cosmetics Studded Nail Lacquer:


MAC Cosmetics Wham, Bam, Glam Nail Lacquer:


MAC Nail Lacquer, $12. Visit MACcosmetics.com

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