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MAC Spring Colour 2 Forecast — Join The Coral Line!


Coral is making a big splash this spring, with everyone from Bobbi Brown to MAC Cosmetics exploring the shade’s nuances. MAC’s spot-on Spring Colour 2 Forecast collection features a range of cosmetics that play upon the subtle differences between peach, coral, apricot, salmon pink, tangerine, and orange. Whether you want a peachy, sunkissed glow on your cheeks or a dose of creamy coral color on your nails, this collection has orange-tinged shades in bountiful variations, as well as some complementary gold, chartreuse and warm rose colors.

Check out the collection below, as well as swatches of some of the products!



When you think of blush, you mostly think of pink or plum shades (with a few exceptions, such as Sephora.com, a shimmering soft peach color). That’s why the Blush Ombre in Ripe Peach is such a pleasant surprise. I particularly love the gradient color, how the powder blush compact moves from a light, sunny, golden peach shade to a deeper pink coral color. You can dip your brush into either end of the compact depending on how subtle an effect you’re going for, or you can blend the hues together for a really rich and complex hue.

MAC Cosmetics Blush Ombre in Ripe Peach, $25. Visit MACcosmetics.com

Here’s what the blush looks like on the skin (it’s not blended in this pic, so that you can make out the lighter hue at the left and the darker hue at the right):




Though it’s named “Malibu Peach,” this creamy nail lacquer hue is brighter than what you’d typically associate with the color peach, boasting a tangerine orange kick. What I love most about the nail lacquer, though, is how it manages to have this deliciously creamy texture without being goopy or sloppy (which is so often the case with lighter shades). It’s the type of eclectic shade you can wear to an Easter get-together and rock straight into the summertime.

MAC Cosmetics Nail Lacquer in Malibu Peach, $12. Visit MACcosmetics.com

Here’s what Malibu Peach looks like on nails:




The Spring Colour 2 Forecast includes three lipglass shades: Ember Glow, a creamy light apricot color; Kumquat,  frosty tangerine; and Cha Cha, a golden mid-tone pink. I had the chance to check out the Kumquat Lipglass and thought the shade was rather unique. Though the orange color can seem intimidating when applied on the skin (check out the swatch below), once you brush it onto your naturally pink lips, it’s way more subtle and the orange tones liven up the complexion quite a bit. My only reservation was that I found it extremely sticky (to the point of excess) and so, every time I wear it, I make sure to moisturize my lips thoroughly before application.

MAC Cosmetics Tinted Lipglass, $14 each. Visit MACcosmetics.com

Kumquat Lipglass swatch:




One of the collections’ biggest surprises were the four lipstick shades offered. Sure, the collection includes two hues that aptly relate to the overall coral theme (the Colour Me Coral, a frosted light coral hue, and the Fresh Shadow, a sheer bright pink orange), but the remaining two colors are considerably closer to the pink range (as opposed to the orange end of the color spectrum). I checked out the Victorian lipstick, a frosted carnation pink shade with gold undertones, and the Rose Maiden, a succulent raspberry sorbet color.

Check out the swatches of the two shades below, as well as the photo showing what the Rose Maiden looks like on the lips.

MAC Cosmetics Lipstick, $14 each. Visit MACcosmetics.com

Below, check out the Victorian (pictured at top) and the Rose Maiden (pictured at bottom) lipstick shades:


MAC Rose Maiden lipstick on my lips:




I’m usually gun shy when it comes to playing with pigments, but as soon as I laid eyes on these crushed metal pigments, I had to delve in. These four shades come in pots that can be stacked atop one another, which minimizes any bulk in your makeup bag. The pigments have more of an iridescent sheen than a puddle of oil under the desert sun. The shades include a light champagne gold hue and a slightly deeper rose copper color, as well as a vintage yellow gold shade, and a golden chartreuse green color. I’m particularly smitten with the golden green shade (check it out at left in the second photo below).

MAC Cosmetics Crushed Metal Pigment: Stacked 2!, $32.50. Visit MACcosmetics.com

Check out swatches of the pigment shades:





Like the rest of the collection, these eye shadow hues flirt with the way pink, yellow, and orange can be fused together to create a multitude of distinct shades. The collection includes: Perky, which is billed as a salmon pink; Straw Harvest, a golden apricot color with tons of sheen; Hot Hot Hot, a coral shade with a satin finish; and Nanogold, a sheer yellow beige with pink undertones.

I had the chance to check out the Straw Harvest and Perky shades. I loved the metallic finish of the Straw Harvest eye shadow and the way the color incorporates an orange tint without going into Halloween territory. Though it’s not particularly unique, the Perky shade does have a soft, chalky finish which makes it a good base color for any spring look.

MAC Cosmetics Eye Shadow, $14.50 each. Visit MACcosmetics.com

Here’s what the Straw Harvest (pictured below, at top) and Perky (pictured below, at bottom) eye shadow shades look like on the skin:


Here’s me wearing the Straw Harvest eyeshadow (I applied the darker brown hue in Smashbox’s Sexy/Demure eye shadow duo to contour the eye):



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