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Time Traveling With Bally’s Autumn/Winter 2010 Footwear Collection




When you examine Bally’s Alessia booties, one of their new footwear designs for Fall 2010 (pictured third from top), you might be struck by the Victorian influence, which is mainly evident through the pointy toe and the muted color scheme and texture, which recall damp, muddy hillsides. But upon closer inspection, you’ll see all the modern details added to the silhouette — from the elastic material sewn into the shoes’ front “V” section to the sky-high heels and the curved slope along the sides. In a way, that encapsulates the feel of the entire footwear collection (unveiled on Monday), which carefully and thoughtfully fuses together vintage elements with modern construction techniques and details.

The color palette is feminine but soft, with muted pinks and nudes, earthy browns, taupes, grays, and forest greens, and icy whites. The materials, meanwhile, are supple and luxurious, from buttery nappa leather and supple suede to exotic lizard skin. And, of course, there’s the era-bending design elements. Take, for example, the Audrey shoes (pictured second from top). The leather detailing along the front of the shoes, and the contrast between the intensity of the green leather and suede shades, is reminiscent of the accent strips you’d see in two-toned spectator shoes dating back to the 1900s. The coquettish peeptoe along the front and the scooped cut-out along the instep, however, add a contemporary flavor, while the front lacing detail once again reinforces the images of corsets, of restraint and daintiness that we associate with Victorian times.

Perhaps my favorite new shoes, however, are the Anny sandals (pictured at top), which are imbued with a tribal flavor– particularly thanks to the lacing along the ankles and the usage of lizard skin. But it’s those emphatic, curved cut-outs along the sides that really enthrall me. The cut-outs themselves add a va-va-voom quality to the shoes, but it’s the soft curved edges that capture the essence of sensuality. These Annys are definitely not of the “hard knock life” variety!

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