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Put A Little Love In Your Heart (And Your Closet) With Amar




In Spanish, the verb “amar” literally means “to love.” As it turns out, the word “amar” has quite a few meanings depending on the language selected; it stands for “eternity” in Hindu, “moon” in Arabic, “strong” in Burmese, and “wolf” in Inuit Indian. Once you’ve discovered the deep, cross-cultural linguistic roots of the word “amar,” then, deciding on this as the name of your brand means taking on a huge responsibility to embody all the attributes and phenomena embodied by the term. And that’s precisely the mission Australian designers Kerri Raymond and Michael Adam embraced when launching their Amar line in 2003.

Wearable designs with bold fabric choices and flashy details translate into confident yet feminine collections. Take, for example, Amar’s Autumn/Winter 2010 collection, which I had the chance to preview at the G’Day USA showcase in New York City, where a number of up-and-coming Australian designers showcased their lines for members of the media, store buyers, and fashion insiders. Dubbed “The Time Is Now,” the collection includes dresses, outerwear and separates in smoky lilac and purple, charcoal, silver, and steel gray, and jet black. Pictured above, are some of my favorite pieces: from the Courage Jacket (pictured at top), a wool coat with side buttons and a leather strip along the waist for a bit of a military feel; to the Forbidden Dress (pictured third from top), a strapless leather minidress with a bustier-like construction along the bodice and an armor-like twist to toughen up the sexpot silhouette; and the Pleasure Seeker Top and Dress (pictured second and fourth from top, respectively), which have whimsical covered in shimmering sequins.

Look out for the collection on Amar.com.au and stay tune for more news as the brand makes its foray into the US. What’s not to love about Amar?

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