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Curioser and Curioser “Alice In Wonderland” Beauty and Style

With only two days remaining until the opening of Tim Burton’s big screen adaptation of Lewis Carroll‘s classic Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland tale, everyone isn’t just ready to fall down the rabbit hole — they’re itching to jump in it! If you’ve got white rabbits, hungry caterpillars, and mad hatters on the brain, you’ll appreciate these pieces, which give a nod to these beloved characters and their loopy world. From necklaces and nail lacquers produced in a limited-run to coincide with the film’s release to beauty goodies that will remind you of these iconic characters, here’s a peek through our very own looking glass.


Tom Binns for Disney Couture Alice in Wonderland Necklace, $1000. Available at select Macy’s stores.

Kudos to Disney Couture for enlisting designer Tom Binns to designs its bold, statement-making collection of Alice in Wonderland-themed jewelry. Binns’ punk-meets-couture aesthetic, combined with the vivid colors and the breadth of imagery found in the classic tale, make for a blissful style marriage. The pieces range from $50 to $1,000 and are available at various retailers (depending on the style in question). The necklace pictured above, with its bulbous, candy apple-red heart charms, interwoven gunmetal-colored chain strands, and safety pin accents, makes me  feel like playing croquet and shouting “Off with her head!” in  a silly cartoon voice.

OPI Alice in Wonderland Nail Lacquers, $6.75 each or $9.35 for Mini Nail Lacquer Pack. Available at Amazon.com

Nail polish fiends have been swooning over this limited-edition collection by O.P.I, which features four storybook-read shades (all with very clever, pun-based names): Off With Her Head, a creamy red pepper color that has a hint of orange; Mad As Hatter, a multi-colored glitter polish with silver, purple, and green tones; Absolutely Alice, an ultra glittery, cobalt blue blue shade; and Thanks So Muchness!, a raspberry sorbet red with a metallic finish.

Junk Food “Alice in Wonderland Teacup” T-Shirt, $36. Visit TeeShirtsRock.com

We all know how much Alice enjoyed that tea party! Celebrate one of the film’s classic scenes with this heather gray Junk Food t-shirt, which features an image of Alice dipping some tea and holding a saucer while wearing her classic ensemble: a baby blue, puff-sleeved dress with rounded white lapels and a white white apron detail.


NYX Cosmetics Glitter Mania Jumbo Pencil, $3 each. Visit NonPareilBoutique.com

Whether it’s captured an animated Disney movie or a goth-flavored Tim Burton extravaganza, there’s no denying that Wonderland is a magical yet psychotropic universe, with colors so bright and objects so sharp that they practically perform a sensory attack on the beholder (and yet one that you actually enjoy!). Add a bit of that hallucinogenic, otherworldly feel with NYX’s Glitter Mania Jumbo Pencils, which are available in a bevy of colors including: Euphoria, a peachy pink; Kiwi, a lime green with an iridescent acid yellow tint; Chakra, an ’80s-esque hot pink; and Peridot, a deep emerald green. Unlike loose glitters, these allow for mess-free, precise application, which makes them all the more lovable.

Here are some swatches of the following shades (from top to bottom): Euphoria, Chakra, Kiwi, and Peridot.



Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows, $50. Available at select Sephora locations. Visit UrbanDecay.com so you’ll be notified when a new shipment arrives!

Urban Decay’s latest masterpiece has been selling out faster than Jay-Z concert tickets. In fact, the first bath of Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows palettes sold out in a matter of hours! Fortunately, Urban Decay has been rolling out more shipments so eager fans can still get a hold of this one-of-a-kind collection (just make sure to visit the Urban Decay site listed above and leave your e-mail addy, so they can contact you as soon as they have some in stock). The AIW Book of Shadows features 16 eye shadows that feature more of a goth Victorian edge, in keeping with Burton’s interpretation of Carroll’s world. Plus, the box itself is a wonderful keepsake as it features artwork designed by Burton himself — we’re talking illustrations all along the mirror and, best of all, pop-up art along the inner fold, with towering giant mushrooms and Alice’s dainty figure all sprouting up in 3D grandeur.

The shades offered are: Underland, a blackened eggplant purple; Alice, a cobalt blue similar to UD’s Jinx shade; Oraculum, which has a coppery bronze Half Baked-ish feel; Queen, a red-violet shade (it resembles the “Fishnet” shade, but it’s deeper and has more deep raspberry tones mixed in); Chessur, a copper-meets-rose-gold hue; White Rabbit, a snowy white with a greenish undertone; Wonderland, a light, tarnished bronze hue with acid green tones; Curioser, a lilac color that resembles UD’s Ecstasy shade; Muchness, a punchy peachy color; Mushroom, an earthy black-brown with purple undertones; Midnight Tea Party, a pale antique gold hue that resembles Midnight Cowboy Rides Agai ; Vorpal, a deep steely color, similar to their Gunmetal shade; Absolem, a dark forest green; Drink Me, Eat Me, a pink shade with antique rose tones; Mad Hatter, a shimmering dirt brown color; and Jabberwocky, a deep asphalt black similar to the line’s Perversion shade.  The set also includes a trave-sized tube of Urban Decay’s best-selling Eyeshadow Primer Potion, and two 24/7 Eye Pencils Glide-On Eye Pencils in Flipside (a deep turquoise) and Zero (a deep black hue).


NARS Roman Holiday Velvet Matte Lip Pencil, $24. Visit Sephora.com

Want your lips to exude that girlish innocence and playful spirit we associate with Alice? Then check out NARS’ Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Roman Holiday, a carnation pink hue that’s sophisticated but fresh and youthful.

Here’s what the shade looks like on the skin:



TOUS Mirror Earrings, $199. Visit Tous.com

Part of TOUS’ Mirror collection, these burnished sterling silver drop earrings have that vintage quality that reminds you of the White Rabbit’s beloved pocket watch in the animated Disney version of Alice in Wonderland. And that bow detail on the top? It screams Alice!

Milani Runway Eyes Fashion Shadows in Beauty in Blues, $7.99. Available at mass food and drug retailers. Visit Walgreens.com

As soon as you hear the name “Alice,” you’re likely to picture her sweet baby blue blouse dress, with its puffed sleeves and full, flirty skirt, and maybe even the slightly darker blue ribbon she wore around her golden locks and tied into a precious ribbon. This new Milani eyeshadow palette, with its gradient range of blues, would make little Alice’s eyes sparkle with curiosity and delight.

Here’s what the shades look like on the skin, starting with the deepest shade (pictured at top) and working towards the lightest shade (pictured at bottom):


Tom Binns for Disney Couture Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Charm Chandelier Earrings, $60. Visit Bloomingdales.com

Here’s a perfect example of a more affordable design from the Tom Binns for Disney Couture Alice in Wonderland collection. These chandelier earrings feature goldtone metal chain strands of varying lengths with a cupcake charm at the very top. Yummy, right?

The Extras Glitter Bow Barrette, $8. Visit Karmaloop.com

No Alice in Wonderland ensemble would be complete without the requisite hair bow. This glitter bow barrette gives Alice’s choice accessory a funky twist. Sure, it’s pink instead of Alice’s Blue, and it has a bit of a disco vibe to it, but Wonderland has always been a place that welcomes new interpretations, right?

Alice Charmed Link Bib Necklace, $15. Visit ShoptheLook.net

This silver-toned metal bib necklace, with its slightly interlocking loops and its whimsical rabbit, heart, and “A” charms, fuses together whimsical Wonderland motifs with a more hard-edged medieval armor-esque attitude.

Black Opal Dual Lip Gloss in Screen Gems, $5.99. Available at mass chain food and drug retailers.

This dual-ended lip gloss from Black Opal conjures up images of the Cheshire Cat’s groovy striped fur. One end features a deep Tyrian purple, like the color favored by Byzantine emperors, while the other end features a psychedelic magenta-violet shade. Both hues pack plenty of shimmer, giving them this cool, holographic effect.

Check out this swatch:



Sephora by OPI “It’s Bouquet With Me” Nail Lacquer, $9. Visit Sephora.com

Part of the new Sephora by O.P.I “Modern Flowers” collection of nail lacquers, It’s Bouquet With Me features the type of purple Ziggy Stardust-inspired and confetti-like effect that would make the Cheshire Cat smile. The shade consists of a clear base with a violet tinge, and tons of purple and lilac glitter atop it. What’s interesting about this nail lacquer is that the glitter is deposited on the nail very gradually, so you can have it be as Studio 54-ready as you want. The picture below shows what the color looks like after 4 coats (and I easily could’ve kept on layering more on top, as it was nowhere near thick or clumpy).



Tom Binns for Disney Couture Keyhole Ring, $49.95. Visit DisneyStore.com

This adjustable keyhole-shaped ring will pique anybody’s curiosity, especially since it lets us in on a shadowy, gloomy landscape with luscious blush pink roses adding a hint of color to the scenery.


Junk Food Alice Chases the White Rabbit T-shirt, $25.95. Visit MyTeeSpot.com

I love how the illustration on this Junk Food T-shirt has a slightly surreal feel to it, with the lines being a bit blurred and there being a pink halo surrounding Alice’s figure.

Alice in Wonderland Card Suite Bangle, $12. Visit ShoptheLook.net

To coincide with the blockbuster’s release, costume jewelry site Shop The Look unveiled a small collection of affordable pieces inspired by the film without referencing specific characters in an overt manner. This particular bangle, for example, features black spades, red clovers, red hearts, and other playing card suits which, while in keeping with the Queen of Hearts’ kingdom, also transcend it.


Uniqlo x Disney Alice in Wonderland Tunic, $15.50. Available at Uniqlo stores.

This soft purple tee, with its empire waistline cut and slightly puffed sleeves, suggests a girlish innocence, while the printed illustration pays homage to some of the most beloved AIW characters: from the Cheshire Cat to the White Rabbit and Tweedledee and Tweedledum.


Nyx-white-pearl-shadow Nyx-maui-shadow

NYX Cosmetics Single Eyeshadows in Morocco, White Pearl, and Maui, $5 each. Visit NYXCosmetics.com

By now, you know I love me some NYX Cosmetics — their makeup is extremely affordable, the textures are silky, and the colors are potent and diverse. Check out these three shades, which capture the Alice in Wonderland spirit perfectly: from the shimmering, sinister purple of the Morocco shade, to the pearlescent ivory of White Pearl and the teal-infused, tropical-flavored Maui.

Check out swatches of (from top to bottom) Morocco, White Pearl, and Maui:


Tom Binns for Disney Couture Alice in Wonderland Red Queen Earrings, $100. Available at select Macy’s stores and at Karmaloop.com

If the bib necklace pictures at top feels a bit too daring or over-the-top for your taste, then I’d suggest checking out the Red Queen earrings, which feature the same materials but are worked into an edgy yet slightly more subdued design.

Robindira Unsworth Looking Glass Disc Pendant, $225. Visit Robindira.com

Forget “mirror, mirror on the wall” — it’s all about the looking glass right now. This Robindira Unsworth 1/4-inch brushed sterling silver disc pendant features a slightly domed shape and a pearly finish, and it’s framed with 22k gold vermeil around the disc’s periphery.

Tom Binns for Disney Alice in Wonderland Queen Necklace, $200. Available at Karmaloop.com

The staggered metal chain strands and bulbous black heart pendant give this necklace a cascading effect, like the hearts are trickling down in a fluid motion. Picture wearing this with a simple black dress — you’ll be a heart-wearing heartbreaker!

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