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It’s Hats Off For the Eugenia Kim For Target Collection





I’m so smitten with Eugenia Kim‘s hats that I assigned the designer her very own Google alert — mainly so that I can be first in line whenever there’s a sample sale in NYC (or online for that matter). Back in the immediate post-college days when my all-consuming Ebay obsession had me bidding away rent money (yes, folks, it was bad enough to merit an intervention), I racked up quite a few Eugenia Kim numbers: from the coveted “Muffy,” with its belted strap detail and equestrian-inspired silhouette to a light blue fedora with a white zipper trim, a white leather cap with an asymmetrical brim, a brown fedora with a red leather strap and a jeweled accent, and two straw fedoras designed for summertime use. Guess my Ebay addiction did pay off a little, huh? Even without resorting to Ebay deals though, I’ve continued to entertain my Eugenia Kim fascination. Just last Christmas, I treated myself to a chunky knit “Ophelia” hat in a gradient blue and purple color pattern.

Can you imagine my effervescent reaction, then, when I heard Target was collaborating with Eugenia Kim on a limited-edition collection of hats? I practically had to pinch myself to make sure it was true. And, once a formal announcement was made, I literally waited with bated breath until the moment when I could take a sneak peek at the collection. And, now that I’ve seen the entire collection, I’m counting down the days until they go on sale (they officially hit stores April 18th, by the way, so mark your calendars, lock it into your iCal or mobile alarm, etc.).

For her Target collection, Eugenia Kim found inspiration in classic Cuban fashion — in fact, many of the pieces in the collection are adaptations of the classic straw fedoras worn by old-timers in Havana (oftentimes along with guayabera shirts). Take, for example, the white straw fedora pictured second from top, with its plaid-like pattern, royal blue ribbon trim, and parrot detail. Or check out the seafoam green fedora pictured below, adorned with a thick black-and-white striped ribbon and a daintier version of this ribbon lining the hat’s brim. Since the collection hits stores in time for summer, there are quite a few sun hats available — from a bucket hat with a brown floral print to a floppy straw hat with a silky scarf that you can tie below the chin or at the nape.

My two favorite styles, though, are the straw cap with green trim (pictured at top) and the black/white striped equestrian hat (pictured third from top), both of which remind me of Kim’s best-selling”Muffy” style but, of course, imbued with a playful Caribbean flavor.

Check out pics of all the styles in the collection!

Pictured above: Eugenia Kim for Target Straw Cap with Green Trim, $16.99; Straw Fedora in Plaid with Blue Trim, $16.99; Equestrian Hat in Black/White Stripe, $14.99; Belted Engineer Cap in Tan, $14.99; Straw Sun Hat in Tan with Blue Trim, $19.99; and Eugenia Kim for Target Straw Cloche in Gray Stripe, $16.99. Available at Target stores and at Target.com starting April 18th

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