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Do you remember those gunmetal-colored spiked earrings Rihanna wore in Jay-Z's "Run This Town" video? Well, last August we broke the story on those, identifying Ri-Ri's showstopping earrings as the "Albert" triple bullet spike earrings from New York-based jewelry line flutter by Jill Golden. Now, admittedly, I wasn't too familiar with the up-and-coming jewelry line prior to the "Run This Town" video but, once I laid eyes on those spiky spitfires, I had to know more about flutter. I mean, those earrings managed to make a dark, sinister, apocalypse-like universe compellingly stylish. Needless to say, the more flutter by Jill Golden pieces I saw, the more I wanted to see.

Tapping into a wealth of cultures, many of designer Jill Golden's pieces reference Egyptian hieroglyphics, ancient Mexican pottery and painting, and Moroccan architecture, not to mention contemporary art and design. Check out, for example, the "Sultan" necklace, pictured fourth from top — the piece features a vintage-looking, brass-toned pendant with triangular shapes arranged in a pyramid-like fashion. Or peep the "Semo" necklace, pictured second from top, which features a balloon-like cluster of wooden beads in a carnival-ready array of vibrant hues, all wrapped together using an oxidized fringe brass chain. My favorite piece thus far: the "Karmela" dangle earrings, pictured at top, which feature cut-out diamond shapes arranged to resemble a cluster of leaves, thereby yielding a sleek and sculptural interpretation of a classic motif.

The best news for those of us whose hearts are set aflutter by flutter: the line is now available at Shopbop.com. If you want to get your hands on the pieces pictured here or check out some additional styles, make sure to visit Shopbop.com!

flutter by Jill Golden Karmela Earrings, $195; flutter by Jill Golden Semo Necklace, $250; flutter by Jill Golden Jana Ring, $115; and flutter by Jill Golden Sultan Necklace, $145. Available at Shopbop.com

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