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Happy Earth Day! Reuse, Recycle, Rejoice And Re-Up On Green Goodies!

Happy Earth Day, lovelies! Today, let’s celebrate all those fashion and beauty brands taking strides to save our planet through their eco-friendly practices.

Check out some of our top picks!


LUSH Naked Kit, $20. Available at LUSHusa.com

Don’t let the word “naked” in this kit’s name fool you: this isn’t some aphrodisiac-packed box or some treasure chest of debauchery. No, in this case, the term “naked” refers to the six products in the kit itself — all solid goods made from all-natural ingredients which are left unpackaged (or “naked”) so as to eliminate excess waste and tucked inside a 100% biodegradable box. All LUSH Naked Kits include the following four products: a Mini Squeaky Green, a preservative-free shampoo bar; a Mini Buffy Body Butter, which both exfoliates and hydrates skin; a Mini Therapy Massage Bar, a 100% organic product that features neroli and lavender oils, as well as cocoa butter; and Sexy Peel Soap, a citrus-based cleansing bar. In addition, customers can choose between two facial cleansers (the calamine-based Fresh Farmacy, which soothes any redness or irritation, and Coal Face, which exfoliates and absorbs oil thanks to the powder charcoal in the formula) and between four toner tabs (Vitamin C, which includes sandalwood and rose essential oils; Vitamin E; T Tree, and Q10, which soothes skin thanks to its mixture of chamomile and lavender).

I haven’t had the pleasure of trying all these goodies, but I did check out the Mini Buffy Body Bar, which includes the following ingredients: skin polishing aduki beans, almonds, and ground rice; as well as moisturizing cocoa and shea butters. You can apply it in the shower, massaging gently using circular motions so as to improve circulation and exfoliate, rinse off, and then dry. You’ll be amazed at how smooth your skin feels! The first few go-rounds might be a bit bumpy since the exfoliating grains can be harsh at first but once the bar softens and the moisture starts to seep into the skin, you’ll be a convert too. Another favorite: the Mini Therapy Massage Bar, which practically melts when you rub it in your hands, and leaves your body smelling like bittersweet chocolate and orange. Yum!


Sprout Unisex Eco-Friendly Watches, $30 each. Available at Amazon.com

These affordable, eco-friendly watches feature bamboo dials and corn resin bezels, as well as organic cotton bands in a variety of colors like red, hot pink, mint green, and light blue.


Caldrea Essentials Hand Care Set in Pomegranate Fig, $14.99. Available at Target stores.

Last week, we raved about the Water Lily Candle in the Caldrea Essentials collection for Target. But the most amazing product in the eco-friendly home ambiance collection (at least from what we’ve tried so far) is the Hand Care Set pictured above, which consists of a Hand Soap and Hand Lotion, both with handy pump applicators, packaged in a bulk-free stainless steel caddy. The lotion is particularly yummy, since it features shea butter, olive oil, sunflower oil, and soybean oil to nourish, moisturize, and soften hands. The scent, meanwhile, is unique and enchanting thanks to essential oils of cassis, rose, palmarosa (otherwise known as Indian geranium).

Sonia Kashuk for Target Straight From Nature Powder Brush, $19.99; Sonia Kashuk for Target Straight From Nature Foundation Brush, $16.99l and Sonia Kashuk Straight From Nature Eye Brush 3-Piece Set, $19.99. Available at Target.com

I haven’t had too many experiences with eco-friendly makeup brushes — save, of course, for the EcoTools line of brushes (which are good for the price, but have stiff bristles that can’t perform as well as those of a luxury brand like Trish McEvoy, Shu Uemura, or MAC). Thank goodness for Sonia Kashuk, who has just released a superb line of eco-friendly brushes for Target. Each of these brushes features genuine bamboo handles (which are as beautiful as they are sturdy) and a mixture of synthetic fibers and natural hair. My favorite is the Straight From Nature Powder Brush, since it’s easy to grip, covers a large surface area, and feels extremely soft against the skin, like a gentle caress.


Spreegirl “Buds and Blossoms” Hipster, $12. Available at Spreegirl.com

These hipster briefs from eco-friendly lingerie and lounge wear brand Spreegirl are made of 93% bamboo and 7% spandex and feature a coquettish floral print and lace trim detailing along the edges.

Po-Zu Yew Boot, $132.80. Available at Endless.com

Since launching in 2004, Po-Zu has been offering eco-smart shoes made without the use of artificial dyes, harsh chemicals, or toxic glues and solvents. In fact, most footwear styles are stitched together so as to make the manufacturing process more eco-friendly. The smart “Yew” boots pictured above feature a coir (coconut fiber) foot mattress that adjusts to the shape of your foot, Scottish woven tweed, and 100% unbleached and un-dyed wool. Plus, in celebration of Earth Day, Endless.com is offering customers $25 off orders of select eco-friendly brands, including Po-Zu, that amount to $125 or more.


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