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La Mer The Regenerating Serum — A Skin Genesis


Think of your face as a helium balloon (it’s an odd metaphor, but stick it out with me for a second). Now, once you get into your 30s (or sometimes even your late 20s) and skin cells begin to degrade and lose collagen, fine lines and wrinkles start creeping up, and your skin starts looking like a helium balloon three days after it was inflated, when the metallic foil material starts puckering and hence losing its luster.  So how do you get the surface of your skin to look as supple, smooth, and lustrous as the outside of a just-inflated helium balloon? You have to boost your skin’s production of collagen and elastin and protect it from external stressors (such as UV rays). The new La Mer’s The Regenerating Serum helps to create this effect, with its mix of marine ingredients.

I’ve been using this serum for a month, and the pesky lines around my eyes have started to diminish a bit. One of the things I most love about this serum is its consistency: it’s a bit thicker than most serums, which are gel-like and fluid. This one feels a bit more like a creamy broth, falling in between a gel and moisturizer in terms of consistency. If you apply a dime-sized amount of the serum using the dropper, that should be more than enough to cover your entire face. After you apply it, your skin will have a delicious velvety feel that lasts for hours — I’ve noticed that as many as five hours after application, my skin feels as soft as it did when I first put it on. Crazy, right? That’s La Mer for you! I will say this, however: I have dry skin and this serum keeps my skin feeling hydrated throughout the day, but I would suggest being way more conservative with the amount dispensed if you have oily skin.

Four years in the making, La Mer’s The Regenerating Serum features ingredients like: the line’s signature Miracle Broth (the vital formula developed for the Creme De La Mer); a Marine Peptide Ferment which features am mix of marine algae and peptides that have anti-aging properties; Lime Tea, an antioxidant-rich lime peel extract; and more importantly, the new Regenerating Ferment, a bio-ferment developed using Cellulosomes Eryngium, and extract of the stem cells from the marine plant Eryngium Maritimum or “sea holly.” Cellulosomes Eryngium may be the next big thing in skin care since recent studies suggest it’s quite effective in repairing photo-induced damage and in boosting collagen and elastin production. In fact, it’s also a prime ingredient in Elizabeth Arden’s White Gloves Extreme Skincare (though, having tried both, I’m team La Mer all the way). Another prime ingredient in the serum formula is Colloidal Gold or “nanogold,” which is produced by reducing chloroauric acid to create gold nanoparticles. Recent research suggests that these gold nanoparticles can help relieve the pain of rheumatoid arthritis, acting as an anti-inflammatory, and La Mer’s research team has found it an also act as a super-conductor, helping to deliver the desired nutrients to the dermis.

I’m so in love with this product, that I’m literally scraping the last bit out of the bottle. And when your biggest gripe is that you can’t seem to get enough, well, you’ve found yourself a winning product!

La Mer The Regenerating Serum, $250 for 1 oz. Available at Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus and LaMer.com

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