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MAC Art Suplies — A Painting Party!


Ever looked at elementary age kids as they scribble furiously on paper with their crayons and markers and thought to yourself, Wow, I want to color! I know I have — though, fortunately for me, having a six-year-old kid means constant access to crayons, markers, glitter glue, and all sorts of fun goodies that I probably enjoy using even more than he does. The new MAC Art Series collection speaks to the painterly instinct in all of us. The new collection includes: nine Pro Longwear Lipstain Markers with thick tips like those of Sharpie markers and deliver a matte stain-like tint; six Pearlglide Intense Eye Liners featuring a new shimmering effect; and eight Greasepaint Sticks that build upon the success of the Style Black ad DSquared2 collections with sophisticated colors ranging from burgundy to forest green.

Here, a look at the collection, along with detailed reviews and swatches of some of the products therein!



Imagine if you could take those electrifying, exhilarating colors in a pack of Prismacolor Premier Double-Ended Art Markers and run them over your lips (without the experiment being a toxic disaster, of course). Well, that seems to be what MAC had in mind when it created these jumbo, felt-tip markers, available in nine shades: Full of Flare, a bright, yellowish coral; Stylesetter, a hot pink hue; A Classic; a traditional red; Purposefully Red, a coral red hue; Modern Mocha, a light brown; Point of View, a nude shade; Tomorrow’s Coral, a mid-tone blue-red; Runway Ripened, a berry-esque red; and Sunset, a coral-tinged brown.

I tried out the Purposefully Red, Runway Ripened and Stylesetter shades. I was happy with these on a couple of levels: the application process was a breeze (you could literally trace the outline of your lips and then fill it in), the stain-like finish was unique in a sea of lipsticks and glosses, and the color lasted a great deal of time. That being said, there were a few glitches here. For one, the color dries out lips, so I suggest applying a nice moisturizing lip primer prior to applying the Pro Longwear Lipstain Marker and dabbing on lip balm throughout the day as needed. Also, when you apply the lip marker, you can’t press or smack your lips together as you’d do with a lipstick. Whenever I did so, all the color from my top lip migrated to my bottom lip for a completely unbalanced look. I’d suggest applying the marker to your top and bottom lips and waiting a few seconds before closing your pout — once the color is set, it will stay in place (you can drink water or sip a cup of coffee without any marks being left on the cups or bottles).

I really loved how the Runway Ripened color looked on the lips, and I thought the Stylesetter, a Molly Ringwald-approved hot pink, had an ’80s charm.

Check out  the Pro Longwear Lipstain Marker in (left to right): Purposefully Red, Runway Ripened, and Stylesetter:


Here’s what the Pro Longwear Lipstain Marker in Runway Ripened looks like on lips:



MAC Pro Longwear Lipstain Marker, $16. Available at MACcosmetics.com


Long-lasting liner that stays in place and delivers vibrant color to lids? Sign me up! The new Pearlglide Intensive Eye Liner colors feature a new sparkling shimmer effect, which is perfect for spring and summer when everything shines a bit brighter. Six shades are available: Almost Noir, a dirty plum hue; Designer Purple, an iridescent violet; Petrol Blue, a deep navy; Undercurrent, a teal shade; Industrial, a periwinkle gray; and Blackline, a deep black.

I checked out the Petrol Blue and Undercurrent shades, and they’re superb – the aquatic feel of these shades makes them ideal for sexy summer days. The liner glides onto the lids so softly and easily that you barely feel a thing, and in a single stroke you can deposit a line of rich color without any clumpy excess. Now, allow me to rave about the liners’ staying power: I’ve worn these for a full day, taken a shower, and looked in the mirror only to still find my eyeliner intact. Bottom line: these puppies will stay on until you pull out the makeup remover. So, when you’re staying over at your beau’s house and you want to wake up looking done-up (like a romantic comedy character), I’d suggest opting for MAC’s Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner.

Check out the Petrol Blue and Undercurrent shades:


Me wearing the Undercurrent eye liner:


MAC Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner, $14.50. Available at MACcosmetics.com


These chunky, crayon-like sticks deliver a rich dose of inky color in thick, brush-like strokes. You can use Greasepaint Sticks to line eyes and smudge them for a dirty, rock-n-roll effect, to deliver cream-like color to the lids, or to create funky designs (swirls, stars, etc.). The Greasepaint Sticks are available in eight shades: Zinc Zone, a near-black gunmetal hue; Below Ground, a dirty bronze; Uniformly Blue, a blackened navy; Brown, Now, a dark burgundy; Charred Mauve, a dusky violet; Slick Black, a carbon black; Greengrease, a forest green shade; and Dirty, a dirty taupe hue.

I really like the Below Ground shade for summer since the bronze color works phenomenally on the eyes — particularly when paired with fresh, sunkissed skin and just a hint of color on the lips.

Check out what the Zinc Oxide and Below Ground shades look like on the skin:

MAC Greasepaint Sticks, $17.50. Available at MACcosmetics.com

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