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Meet Bounkit, The Latest “Gossip Girl” Jewelry Line Of Choice




At this point in my obsessive Gossip Girl viewing, I'm less intrigued by Blair's schemes and Serena's lustful affairs than I am by their clothing. Sure, fashion has always been one of the main reasons for watching the series (well, that and Ed Westwick), but there was a point in time where I actually felt invested in the plot lines. But ever since the characters forayed into collegiate life, well, it's been a hot mess (and don't get me started of Hilary Duff and how she completely killed the first half of this season for me). But I digress. The point is: even if you want Rufus to ship Jenny's bratty behind to reform school or you want Blair to give up her juvenile, wannabe queen ways, there's still five reasons to watch GG: the clothes, the makeup, the shoes, the bags, and the jewelry.

I got the inside scoop on some of the baubles we'll be coveting during upcoming GG episodes and, of course, I had to share the info with you ladies. On the May 3rd episode, Serena (Blake Lively) will be wearing three large Bounkit stone cuffs stacked atop one another: a 24k gold plated cuff set with oval ruby cabochon stones and a faceted amethyst center (pictured at top); a 24k gold plated cuff with faceted ruby stones and a white topaz center (pictured second from top); and a 24k gold plated cuff set with faceted oval retulated quartz (pictured third from top). Aren't these pieces stunning? I'm floored by the cuff pictured at top, the interplay between the glimmering faceted amethyst center and those wine-colored, oval-shaped cabochon stones, not to mention the intricate and dainty way the gold is used to set the stones.

Do you really need another reason to tune in?

Bounkit cuff with oval ruby cabochon and faceted amethyst center, $1265; Bounkit cuff with faceted ruby stones and a white topaz center, $1090; and a Bounkit cuff set with faceted oval retulated quartz, $1090. Visit Bounkit.com

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