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More “Sex And The City” Fashion? Abso-Friggin’-Lutely!




On May 27th, the girls are back in town (well, that is, until they promptly take off for an all-expenses-paid trip to Abu Ghabi). What girls, you ask? Well, TV’s original fab four: Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte, of course! And with the release of the new Sex And The City movie, fans are already voicing their anticipation via tees, keychains, handbags and briefs that reference the cult HBO series (such as the Cosabella Thong Pack featured a few weeks ago). Not to be outdone, Mighty Fine is re-releasing its best-selling series of cozy tees featuring some of the show’s cheekiest phrases or overriding motifs.

Those of you who prefer a basic design will probably be drawn to the traditional Sex and the City style (pictured second from top), a cropped scoopneck tee with the New York City skyline depicted at the very center – Carrie always said she was having a love affair with New York City, so it’s only fitting that one of the tees would feature the object of her affection.

If you prefer a cutesier number, you can opt for the “I’m A Carrie” tee, pictured third from top, which features Bradshaw’s name in cursive lettering with rhinestone studs adding a bit of pizazz. Shirts bearing the “I’m A Carrie” slogan (or the alternate “I’m A Samantha,” “I’m A Miranda” and I’m A Charlotte” slogans) have been circulating for years now, since the SATC mania first reached a feverish peak and obsessed fans everywhere took to copycating the show’s styles by adorning their ensembles with gigantic flower pins, splurging on Jimmy Choos and Manolo Blahniks (even if they’d never before heard of these luxury footwear brands), and rocking nameplate necklaces. In fact, there was even even a Facebook quiz at one point where users could answer questions and find out which character most suited their personalities. So, while this motif is far from new, it’s been resuscitated and reworked in time for the movie’s release.

My absolute favorite of the three tees pictured above is the “Hey Lover” tee, which features an illustration of a towering heel with the words “Hey Lover” in gold foil framing the central image. The shoe reminds me of one scene in the series where Carrie pressed her hands against a shoe store display window, ogling at the feet candy on display, setting her sights on one particular style, and uttering the words, “Hey, Lover” with equal parts sass and infatuation. Sure, she later referred to Alexandre Petrovsky as her “lova,” but before she ever used the word in regards a flesh-and-blood man, she was cooing them to a stunning pair of shoes. And I, for one, understood the sentiment.

Mighty Fine “Sex and The City” tees, $22-$28. Available at Bloomingdale’s.

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