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NARS Cosmetics Spring 2010 Collection — From Easy Lover to Kuala Lampur


There’s a cool sense of whimsy and a slightly retro charm to NARS Cosmetics‘ Spring 2010 collection. The lip colors available nod to the season’s emphasis on vibrant pinks and demure nude hues, while the eye shadows available range from a pale lilac color (the “D.Gorgeous” Single Eye Shadow) to a cream-based brown/gold duo (the “Camargue” Duo Cream Eye Shadow) and a shimmering mauve/nude rose combo (the “Kuala Lampur” Duo Eye Shadow). Nails, meanwhile, are painted a deep amethyst color with the new Purple Reign Nail Lacquer, a nod to Prince’s signature hue.

Check out the products in the collection here, as well as swatches of some of my favorites!


Pictured above are the three eye shadow offerings in the Spring 2010 collection: D. Gorgeous, a dewy pale lilac hue; Camargue, a cream color eye shadow duo consisting of an antique-looking gold hue with green undertones and a brown color with reddish sepia tones; and Kuala Lampur, a frosty powder eye shadow duo consisting of a sophisticated mauve hue with pink rose undertones and a peachy nude color.

Though these are the three main eye shadow offerings in the collection, most Sephora stores have been showcasing these alongside the NARS “Habanera” powder eye shadow duo (a mysterious icy blue with silvery tones accompanied by a deep, charcoal-tinged purple) and the “Sugarland” eye shadow due (an ├╝ber girly combo consisting of a pearlescent light peach color and a bubblegum pink with purple undertones).

Pictured below are swatches of the “Camargue,” “Kuala Lampur,” “Sugarland” and “Habanera” eye shadow duos. The “Camargue” was pretty surprising in terms of how the colors looked like on the skin, but I must say I think I’d be more fond of this eye shadow duo if it weren’t cream-based. The “Kuala Lampur,” meanwhile, is a perfect spring offering: the peach undertones of the nude shadow are perfectly on-trend for the season, as are the reddish plum undertones of the purple hue. My absolute favorite, however, is the “Habanera” eye shadow duo since it has a beautiful dewy quality that makes your eyes look fresh and radiant.

NARS Cosmetics “Camargue” Eye Shadow Duo:



NARS Cosmetics “Kuala Lampur” Eye Shadow Duo:


NARS Cosmetics “Sugarland” Eye Shadow Duo:


NARS Cosmetics “Habanera” Eye Shadow Duo:


Me wearing the Habanera shadows:


NARS Cosmetics “Camargue” Eye Shadow Duo, $3, and NARS Cosmetics “Kuala Lampur” Eye Shadow Duo, $32. Available at Sephora.com


For Spring, NARS introduced a new lipstick color (the creamy neutral hue “Cruising”) and two lip gloss hues: “Easy Lover,” a bright sheer pink with bluish undertones, and “Ophelia,” which is billed as a strawberry nectar color.

If you’re a gloss-and-go type of girl, I definitely recommend the “Easy Lover,” which will perk up any pout.

Check out the NARS Cosmetics┬á “Easy Lover” Lip Gloss:


NARS Cosmetics “Easy Lover” Lip Gloss, $24. Available at Sephora.com


I haven’t had a chance to check this one out on my nails just yet, but I love how the deep amethyst color looks on the bottle. This “Purple Reign” nail lacquer looks like it’s so beautiful that it would make the doves in Prince’s song stop crying and start cooing joyfully.

NARS Cosmetics “Purple Reign” Nail Lacquer, $16. Available at Sephora.com

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