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New Balance x UNDEFEATED Desert Storm 1500 Sneaker — A Style Coup



While I’m a make-love-not-war kind of chick, I’ve always been fond of apparel and accessories with camo prints and military-inspired designs. It’s a common style paradox — after all, opposition towards the Iraq War is steadily mounting, we’re poised to pull our troops out of Iraq, and yet fashion designers are incorporating epaulets, sandy camouflage prints, insignia patches, cargo pockets, and other combat-ready motifs into their collections. Maybe we just appreciate the idea of bravely battling through life’s turmoil and deftly avoiding any landmines. Perhaps it’s more of a metaphorical, ideological fascination with the idea of facing enemy zones (i.e. troublesome and trying situations and moments), fighting past them, and emerging victorious.

If, like me, you dig military-inspired fashions, you’ll get a kick out of the New Balance Desert Storm 1500 sneakers, a new collaboration between NB and sneaker boutique UNDEFEATED. Available starting May 15th, the kicks were inspired by the uniforms our troops wore during the Gulf War (and yes, I do mean the Gulf War and not the current war in Iraq). Each pair of kicks comes with a canvas shoe bag featuring a sand- and peach-colored camo print.

But let’s get to the actual sneaker. The suede uppers are a khaki beige color that pays homage to the color of soldiers’ combat boots, while the shoe bed and interior lining feature a desert fatigues-like chocolate chip camo hue. The red and blue details along the heel, meanwhile, reference the Operation Desert Storm  patch which, in turn, features an image of an eagle holding a shield with the US flag colors in its claws, flying against a backdrop featuring the US flag juxtaposed over a desert-like landscape behind it. Along the front of the shoe, you’ll find a red laceholder with the UNDEFEATED logo and, at the sides of the heel the “1500” numbering is embroidered in a matching earthy color.

The shoes are a limited edition release, so get them quick or finding a pair will be a true battle!

New Balance Desert Storm 1500 sneakers, $120.00. Available starting May 15th at UNDEFEATED stores in the US and Japan.



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