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Toughen Up Your Look With New Fashion Line The Object 27



Hipster cool meets ’80s rocker attitude in The Object 27’s debut collection, which consists of pieces like ripped leggings, maxi dresses with spaghetti straps and mod black-and-white triangular patters, and distressed hot pink tees bearing images of chic models donning oversize shades. My favorite piece is the hooded top pictured above, an ultra soft 100 % model tunic with an asymmetrical cut, so that the fabric cascades down your sides, falling at the thigh level, while the mid section floats slightly below the waistline. The semi-sheer top features pockets along the sides (how handy is that?!), decorated with pyramid-shaped metal studs, as well as a hood with matching oversize pyramid metal studs along the seams (check out the second picture at top for a closer look). This is the type of piece every woman should have in her wardrobe — you can pair it with skinny jeans and boots for a casual chic ensemble, toughen it up by wearing it underneath a leather bomber and second-skin leggings, or dress it up with a slim-fitting skirt and strappy sandals (just make sure to pair it with bottoms that hug your figure so as to contrast the top’s voluminous nature). Even better, this number is flattering on most body types — while it’s a bit flouncy and airy, the asymmetrical cuts and the choice of fabric minimize bulk, so you can have some nice curves and still rock this like a hurricane. And that hood? It had me at hello!

Curious to see more of what The Object 27 has to offer? So am I! The debut collection shows a great deal of promise, so I’m excited to see what the future holds for this line.

Developed by California-based Korean designer Jean Lee, The Object 27 just debuted in LA in February and is poised to hit stores nationwide this summer. After graduating from the Art Center College of Design, Lee made her foray into LA’s fashion industry by accepting a gig at a graphics company where she created many of the prints and embellishments on women’s tops. Wanting to have complete creative control over her designs and yearning for the chance to fully convey her point-of-view, she soon began toying with the idea of launching her very own clothing line. Now, after two years of hard work, the 27-year-old designer is vying for a piece of the fashion pie with The Object 27.

When designing her debut collection, Lee found inspiration in the geometric shapes and clean yet strong lines found in abstract paintings — it was precisely because of this fine art influence that she gave so many of her pieces interesting asymmetrical cuts and, to add the desired sense of toughness, she incorporated embellishments like metal studs and chains. “I always get inspired by dark and aggressive images rather than peaceful, feminine ones,” Lee says of the line’s hardcore edge.

If Rihanna’s “Hard” is your current anthem, and you consider yourself a warrior with a wicked sense of style, you’ll go 730 for The Object 27.

For more information, visit TheObject27.com

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