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Zoya Reverie Nail Polish Collection — Six Colors Worth Revering


When I was a little girl and I came across a puddle of motor oil in a parking lot or street curb, I’d stop and stare at it for a few minutes (usually while my mother gave my hand a firm tug to speed the process along). Usually, my fascination stemmed from the rainbow effect created by the oil puddles sitting atop a hint of water — to me, the shades’ metallic sheen seemed like an extragalactic phenomenon.

The Zoya Reverie collection brings me back to these euphoric moments of childhood curiosity, when small things like oil puddles brought me tremendous joy. The six duo-chrome nail lacquers in the spring collection feature a stunning metallic finish that makes each color look a bit different depending on how the light hits it. The collection consists of the following six shades: Happi, a Babie-ready pink with warm yellowish undertones; Laney, a foil-like silver shade; Gwin, a vermillion hue with golden yellow tones; Reece, a plum pink with violet undertones; Adina, a greenish purple color; and Lana, a coral red with warm golden flecks.

When I saw the lacquers in their bottles, I was most intrigued by the Adina shade since it’s the most unusual and enigmatic offering in the bunch — if you hold the bottle under yellow light, the predominant color is a deliciously exotic green, like the color you’d find in a Siamese Fighting Fish or another aquatic life form, but if you look at it under the white light (or in a dimmer setting), the dusty purple hue reigns supreme, while the silver and green tones take a backseat. The color is just as fascinating when applied on the nails, though I must say it’s the moodiest, most eccentric shade in the collection.

I also adored the Reece and Happi shades since they managed to bring a sense of intrigue to common nail polish colors (magenta and bubblegum pink). Both of these shades actually look more interesting on the nails than they do in their packaging (which is amazing given how they lure you in right from the bottle).

Pictured below are photos of what the various shades look like on nails!

Zoya Happi:


Zoya Laney:


Zoya Gwin:


Zoya Adina:


Zoya Reece:


Zoya Reverie nail lacquers, $7 each. Available at Zoya.com

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