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A Leopard Can’t Change Its Spots But You Can With These Echo Scarves!


Safari-inspired styles will again be rising to the surface this summer, which means cheetah, leopard, zebra, and tiger prints will make the fashion landscape a veritable zoo. If you want to give your ensemble a bit of animal print sizzle, consider these Feminine Feline Scarf styles from Echo Design. The scarves feature amorphous spots that seem to nod to several types of wild feline animals — among them leopards, cougars, and jaguars (though I’d argue that they most remind me of jaguar spots).

Echo’s animal print silk scarves measure 28″ x 72″, and come in a vast array of colors including: Black (a dusky obsidian hue with white spots outlined in heather gray), Boysenberry (a grape-meets-mauve shade with white spots featuring khaki cores), White (which feature sandy spots outlined in black),  Coral (an orange sherbet color with white spots outlined in a chestnut hue), Bright Orchid (a pinkish lilac number with white spots featuring medium brown centers), Teal (which features white spots with grape splashes of color at their cores), Khaki (a light sand hue with spots in a mustard-yellow-meets-chartreuse color outlined in a muddy brown), and more.

I personally love the Coral scarf since it’s the type of piece you can use to inject some color into an ensemble consisting mainly of white hues or neutral shades like olive green, khaki, tan, cream, wheat, sand, hunter green, sepia, auburn, chocolate brown, heather gray, charcoal, and ash. You can wear it as a head scarf or tie it as a belt with some cargo shorts or capri pants, wrap it around your neck with some flared white pants and a simple white tank, use it to jazz up a pair of jeans, and much more.

Meow, mujeres!

Echo Design Feminine Style Scarf, $48. Available at EchoDesign.com

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