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Clarisonic Mia Arcona Set — The Best From Two Powerhouse Brands


Take it from Rob Base: it takes two to make thing go right. And in this case, the pair in question is Clarisonic and Arcona, who collaborated to produce the limited-edition Clarisonic Mia Arcona Set, a device that goes from right to out of sight. The Clarisonic Mia is, of course, the key component of the set. The lightweight, cordless, rechargeable Clarisonic Mia device (the portable version of the original Clarisonic Skin Care System) features a replaceable brush head that vibrates gently thanks to Clarisonic’s  sonic technology, providing a more satisfactory cleansing experience that’s designed to effectively unclog pores, soften the skin, and stimulate it to absorb any moisturizing products you apply in the subsequent steps of your skincare regimen. The best part: all you have to do is dampen your face and the bristles on the brush head, apply the cleanser to your face (or directly on the brush) and then press the power button on the Mia’s handle. After that, you simply allow the brush to work its magic, placing it flush against the skin and moving in circular, outward strokes, focusing on each area of the face (forehead, cheeks, chin, etc) for no more than 10 seconds each. In less than a minute, you’re ready to rinse your face and pat it dry — and yet your skin feels as fresh and revitalized as if you’d finished a detoxifying steam spa treatment.

The Mia, then, cleanses the skin while preparing it for the nourishing and hydrating Arcona products included in the set: the Arcona Booster Defense Serum and the Magic White Ice. The first, the Booster Defense Serum, is a lightweight serum meant for use in the morning time. Packed with antioxidants like calming green tea, vitamin E, and grape seed extract, as well as the plant-derived antimicrobial resveratrol (which protects the skin from sun damage, among other benefits) and the enzyme superoxide dismutase (which protects from oxidative stress), the serum helps to stimulate skin cell regeneration and to defend it from free radicals. The refreshing serum, which smells like fresh green tea leaves, leaves skin looking radiant and feeling just a bit more taut, as if those loose crevices had been yanked the teeniest bit.

The second Arcona product in the kit, meanwhile, is the Magic White Ice, a hydrating gel meant for both morning and evening use which lives up to its ambitious name. Though it’s extremely lightweight in texture, the Magic White Ice packs a mighty punch thanks to a combination of moisturizing white cranberry and hyaluronic acid, antimicrobials like tolara extract and a grapefruit complex that help to clarify skin and kill bacteria, and antioxidants like vitamins C, B-5 and E, as well as a mineral complex of beta-carotene. The moisturizer smells like a fresh, fruity spritzer drink, and it effectively quenches your skin’s thirst while simultaneously helping to diminish the appearance of any blemishes or irritations. Because I have extraordinarily dry skin, I started using Arcona’s Hydrating Gel to complement the Magic White Ice but, unless you have truly dehydrated skin, the Magic White Ice should more than suffice.

So what makes the Arcona products so special? Well, all of the antioxidants, botanical extracts, enzymes, and amino acids in each product’s formula are cold-processed in small batches so that they retain their full potential (many of these ingredients will destabilize if exposed to excess heat and their effectiveness would hence be weakened). Furthermore, their serums and hydrators are packaged in air-tight containers with handy pumps so that the ingredients won’t be exposed to oxygen, which could also affect their potency. And, of course, no sulfates, petrochemicals, parabens, or other harmful chemicals are utilized in any Arcona products, making them gentle and safe for use.

My one gripe about this kit: I wish there was an Arcona cleanser included as opposed to the standard Clarisonic cleanser (which, while good, isn’t quite up to par with Arcona’s high-grade array of products). But hey, you can always purchase one of their cleansers separately and use it with the Clarisonic Mia. And, for the full Arcona experience, I’d suggest checking out their Four Your Eyes Only set, which includes four eye treatments that target puffiness, wrinkles, and more.

Clarisonic Mia Arcona Set, $149. Exclusively available at Beauty.com

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