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Fashion and Jewelry Straight From The “Sex and The City 2” Movie




Are you counting down the days ’til you can see Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte cavorting through the Abu Dhabi desert? Well, here’s a sneak peak at some of the fashions you’ll see in the much-anticipated Sex and the City 2 movie. Sure, you’ve seen the white Halston Heritage cocktail dress Carrie wears on the movie poster, but aren’t you itching to see more? Well, here are a few gems for you!

Pictured above are two of the Kimberly McDonald earrings you’ll see Carrie wear in the flick. Pictured at top is a pair of drop earrings featuring four asymmetrical geode stones (if you’re wondering, these are volcanic rock cavities which often contain crystal formations, chalcedony deposits or concentric banding along their interior). The geode stones in these earrings are then set in 18k white gold and adorned with small diamonds along each stone’s perimeter. Dynamite, right?

And, since Carrie Bradshaw loves hoop earrings, we knew she’d dazzle us with her latest pair — and she didn’t disappoint. Dressing up the hoop silhouette, Carrie wears a glamorous pair of Kimberly McDonald “Pathway” rose-cut diamond and platinum hoop earrings (pictured third from top). Each diamond is like a tiny oasis, quenching our thirst for “hello, lover”-worthy style.

But what about the rest of the SATC ladies? Well, here’s a tidbit for all you Charlotte lovers: in one scene of the movie, the ever-prim Upper East Sider will be carrying a roomy Nancy Gonzalez crocodile tote (pictured second from top) in a lovely seafoam green color with two leaf-like details dangling from the front.

Don’t these make you even more excited to watch the film?

Kimberly McDonald 4 Drop Petite Geode & Diamond Earrings in 18k white gold, $27,150; Nancy Gonzalez Crocodile East West Tote in Green, $3380; and Kimberly McDonald Signature “Pathway” rose cut diamond and platinum hoop earrings, $46,400. All available at Bergdorf Goodman.

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