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Katrina Kelly Jewelry’s Layered Approach To Love




Fine jewelry designer Katrina Kelly has clearly been pondering the profundity of infatuation and the necessary elements for long-lasting love. Forget there being seven deadly sins —if we look at enough religious, mythical and mystical texts, we'll find attributes like wisdom, mental acuity, luck, artistry, and intuition associated with this digit. In fact, many ancient civilizations have interpreted the number as sacred or magical. It follows, then, that someone would use the number seven to examine a subject as complex and truly divine as love.

Katrina Kelly's new "7 Layers of Love" rings consists of a septet of jeweled bands that can be worn individually or stacked atop one another, with each piece symbolizing a different aspect of this romantic sentiment: Luck (since chance often plays a role in finding that special someone), Light (since love can make you feel enlightened and joyous), Laughter (what relationship can survive without some humor?), Lover (passion informs romantic love, after all), Loyalty (trust cannot exist without it), Love (an emotion that can't be scientifically explained), and Life (since true love lasts a lifetime).

So how is each of these abstracts interpreted into jewelry? Well, let's travel through all through layers. First, there's "Luck," an 18k gold band measuring 2mm in width and featuring fine, bead-like granulations (it's the ring at the bottom of the stack in the photo of the yellow gold set). Next, there's the "Light" layer, which features a subtle wave-like shape and beaded details (it's pictured second from bottom in the stack of white gold rings above). Third, we have the "Laughter" ring, which features a dainty band much like the "Luck" one, except that this one features .09ctw in diamonds, placed throughout the ring's circumference (it's the band propped against the stack of yellow gold rings in the third photo above). The fourth layer is the "Lover" ring, which has an undulating shape like that of the "Light" style, except that this style features .14ctw in diamonds (it's pictured third from bottom in the stack of white gold rings shown above). The fifth layer is the "Loyalty" ring (pictured third from bottom in the stack of yellow gold rings shown above) — the most petite band in the bunch, measuring 1.4mm in width, this ring features larger bead shapes throughout and 3 diamonds (measuring 21k in total wight) scattered throughout the band. Next, there's the "Love" ring, which features an undulating wave shape adorned with a row of diamonds and 6 larger diamonds scattered evenly throughout the surface area of the ring (all adding up to a total weight of 0.21 carats). And lastly, there's the "Life" ring, which measures 3.5 mm in width and features whimsical, paisley-like swirls with 0.25 ctw in diamonds sprinkled throughout the ring.

In addition to this stunning collection of rings, a perfect gift for your sweetheart, Katrina Kelly Jewelry just unveiled even more finger candy: the Glimmer Vault Rings (pictured at top), available with or without diamond details and featuring tiny beaded details along the upper and lower edges of each thick band.

I'll say "hello, lover" to these rings any day!

Katrina Glimmer Vault Bands, $2,600 w/o diamonds, and $4,200 with diamonds.Visit KatrinaKellyJewelry.com for more information and retailer locations.

Katrina Kelly "Seven Layers of Love" Rings: "LUCK "18k gold beaded band, $660; "LIGHT" 18k gold beaded band with wave shape, $660; "LAUGHTER"18k gold band with .09tcw in diamonds, $980; "LOVER" 18k gold ring with undulating wave shape and .14tcw in diamonds, $1,100; "LOYALTY" 18k gold band with 21tcw in diamonds, $1,480; "LOVE" 18k gold band with undulating wave shape, 6 larger diamonds and a continuous row of diamonds, $1,540;  and "LIFE" 18k gold ring with undulating, paisley-like shape and .25tcw in diamonds, $1,700. Visit KatrinaKellyJewelry.com for more information and retailer locations.

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