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Launching Tomorrow — H&M Fashion Against AIDS Collection




Starting tomorrow, May 20th, H&M stores nationwide will be carrying the new Fashion Against AIDS collection, an assortment of apparel, shoes, accessories, jewelry and knickknacks (including portable tents, lawn/beach chairs and colorful headphones) for men and women. A quarter of the proceeds from the sale of these items will benefit youth HIV/AIDS awareness programs like: Designers Against AIDS, the organization that first brought the Fashion Against AIDS concept to H&M brass; YouthAids which provides HIV/AIDS education and awareness to 600 million young people in over 60 countries through the use of pop culture means; the MTV Staying Alive Foundation, which educates our youth about safe sex practices, as well as HIV testing and prevention; and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), an international agency that promotes reproductive health and seeks to democratize access to health supplies and proper treatment.

Sure, the collection’s mission is noble and praiseworthy, but how does it stand up against prior FAA lines or, even, against H&M’s seasonal offerings? Well, while some of the apparel pieces are festive and playful, the Fashion Against AIDS collection won’t whet the appetites of those looking for innovation in the style arena. In other words, what you’ll find is your run-of-the-mill, contemporary H&M fashion offerings: ’80s-flavored, animal print dresses in punchy neon hues (like the one pictured at top);  gold sequined jackets (such as the one pictured last, below); embroidered denim dresses in distressed washes; biker-inspired jackets with zippers galore; and sleeveless tops with fringe details and epaulette-like details. Some pieces — like the fluorescent, coral hued, flutter-sleeve dress with the leopard print — may add a punch of vibrant color to your wardrobe, but they’re not exactly timeless nor do they reinvent the wheel from a design stance.

My favorite pieces are actually the tribal-flavored accessories: a black-and-white necklace with a braided rope strand and an asymmetrical, armor-like plate featuring three mosaic-like, jagged snippets of zebra print with a camel-colored trim; coquettish red, black and white bangles with zig-zagging patterns; and a statement-making necklace with electric blue beaded strands and two curved, wooden plates featuring designs made with what appears to be black marker.

Check out some of the collection’s offerings here!

Pictured above: H&M Fashion Against AIDS animal print flutter-sleeve dress, $24.95; H&M Fashion Against AIDS rope necklace with zebra print plate, $17.95; H&M Fashion Against AIDS distressed black leather biker jacket, $69.95; and H&M Fashion Against AIDS black-and-white zig zag print sandals, $24.95.

Pictured below: H&M Fashion Against AIDS bangles, $14.95; H&M Fashion Against AIDS long-sleeved, cinch waist dress, $24.95; H&M Fashion Against AIDS stretch belt with embroidery, $17.95; H&M Fashion Against AIDS sleeveless black blouse with fringe detai, $29.95l; and H&M Fashion Against AIDS beaded blue necklace with wood details, $17.95; and H&M Fashion Against AIDS gold sequin blazer, $49.95.


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