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MAC Prep For Colour And MAC Superglass Collections






The impetus behind the MAC Prep For Colour collection is the idea of priming the canvas (in this case, the face) for any makeup you’ll be subsequently applying. The collection, then, kicks off by focusing on skincare, on protecting, smoothing, and readying the surface area (the artists’ workspace, if you will). To that end, the collection includes two skincare products: the Prep + Prime Face Protect SPF 50, which moisturizes and protects against the sun’s harmful UV rays, and the Prep + Prime Skin Brightening Serum, which makes the skin a bit more luminous.

I’ll admit: while I’m a sucker for MAC’s makeup, I haven’t historically been floored by their skincare products. Sure, there have been some notable exceptions, but they’ve been precisely that: exceptions. That being said, I checked out the Skin Brightening Serum and really adored it. The serum has a really lightweight, dewy, plasma-like consistency, and it hydrates the skin so that you instantly see a difference in the texture of the surface — any ridges and lines are filled in and smoothed out, plus the entire area looks a bit brighter. It’s meant to diminish existing dark spots during long-time use, though of course it’s not quite as effective as some of the products specifically meant for evening skin tones (like those in the Clinique Even Better line). I do appreciate how well this product works as a pre-primer primer of sorts, softening, hydrating, and plumping the skin. The Prep + Prime Skin Brightening Serum features ingredients like: Ascorbyl Glucoside, a version of vitamin C that brightens skin and fades dark spots; Tocopherol (vitamin E) and Green Tea Extract, both of which protect the skin against free radicals; Hyaluronic Acid and Tuberose Extract, which help to deliver moisture deep into the dermis; Super-duo charged water, which features red tourmaline and silk extracts to make the application process a cinch; and Hydrolyzed Rice Bran Extract, which moisturizes and brightens the skin.

I wish they’d make this product a permanent fixture but, alas it’s only part of this limited-edition collection for the moment, so I’d advise getting your hands on it before the month’s up!

MAC Prep + Prime Face Protect SPF 50, $30, and MAC Prep + Prime Skin Brightening Serum, $40. Available at MAC stores and MACcosmetics.com


In addition to the skincare products described above, the Prep for Colour collection features three earthy eye shadow shades that can serve as the building block for any look. There’s: “Hey,” a satiny beige shade with just a hint of rose gold; “Prepped for Glamour,” which is billed as an ashy dirty brown; and “Sorcery,” an auburn brown with a dusty finish.

I had the chance to check out both the “Hey” and “Sorcery” eye shadows, and I consider both excellent building blocks for a natural look – whether it involves different iterations of the earthy color scheme, coral and orange hues, or summery metallic shades like bronze and copper. Are either of these shades going to entice you because they’re so very distinctive and revolutionary? Well, no. But if you think of them as molding agents, you’ll be way more likely to understand their value.

Here are swatches of the Hey and Sorcery eye shadows:


MAC Eye Shadows, $14.50 each. Available at MAC stores and MACcosmetics.com


Bring on the shine! The new  MAC Superglass collection features 10 glosses that improve upon the already supernova bright sparkle of the Dazzleglass by utilizing snowflake-shaped helicone pearls faceted in three different ways (which means triple the sparkle). The gloss itself feels nice and even as you brush it onto your lips, and you’ll only really feel those small glimmering particles when you first press your lips together (after that point, you won’t feel any coarse or chunky bits). It’s a sticky gloss, but not overly so (you won’t feel like your lips are being superglued together every time you close your mouth!). I will say this though: while the colors looked incredibly vibrant in their tubes (or even when swatches on the skin), they’re not nearly as bright when juxtaposed against your pouts’ natural redness. You can, of course, keep adding layers of gloss to increase the intensity, but if you want shades like “Tunnel of Love” (the deep blue-brown pictured last in the group shot above) or “Fab Frenzy” (the blackberry purple shade pictured third from top in the above shot) to look as powerful as they do in their tubes, I’d suggest applying on a light coat of matte or satin lipstick in a similar shade and then following up with the desired Superglass shade.

Pictured below are the “Tunnel of Love” (left) and “Gift Wrap” (right) shades I tried:


Here’s what the Superglass Gift Wrap looks like on my lips:



Check out how the Superglass Tunnel of Love looks on the lips:


   MAC Superglass, $18 each. Available at MAC stores and MACcosmetics.com

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