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NARS Summer 2010 Collection — Review, Swatches And More!



Think of the majestic waters captured in The Blue Lagoon, add in the vibrant coral, orange, and gold shades you’d see lighting the sky during a sunset in Oahu, and toss in the warm bronze and brown colors of a sandy expanse, and you’ll get a feel for the colors in  NARS Cosmetics’ Summer 2010 collection.

This season’s offerings include: the Lamu Multiple, a multi-purpose cream color stick in an apricot-tinged bronze hue; the Burn It Blue Duo Eyeshadow, a cream eye shadow palette consisting of two vivid blue hues; the Love Devotion Lipstick, a sheer coral hue; the Cayenne Cream Eyeshadow, a deep brown with sepia undertones; the Versailles Nail Polish, a champagne gold lacquer with a liquid metal finish; the Enchanted Cream Blush, a creamy soft apricot cheek color; and the Coup de Coeur Lipgloss, a natural-looking gloss in an apple cider shade.

While I haven’t had the pleasure of test-driving all of the products in the collection, I did check out three standout pieces: the Lamu Multiple, Burn it Blue Duo Eyeshadow, and the Love Devotion Lipstick. Below, you’ll find product images, as well as photos of what these cosmetics look like on the skin, and detailed observations about how they measure up. Enjoy!



NARS Burn It Blue Duo Eyeshadow, $32. Available at NARScosmetics.com

If you look at a photo of NARS’ Summer 2010 collection, your gaze is bound to gravitate towards this palette, which features two creamy blue eyeshadow shades in vibrant, swimming pool-ready blues.  One shade is a deeper Mediterranean-flavored turquoise with a glossy finish but no shimmering particles, while the complementary lighter teal color has a frostier, more celestial quality and a fair amount of glimmer.

Naturally, as soon a I saw this palette, I felt like a moth circling an enticing flame. But, of course, I wondered if these colors would look as vivid on the skin as they did in their sleek case. To my delight, the cream colors are richly pigmented so that the color payoff is beyond satisfactory (just check out the photos below).

The one caveat here: after a few hours of use, the cream shadows are likely to crease a bit on your lids. If they had been formulated to stay in place like the Too Faced Lockdown Ultimate Creaseless Cream Eye Shadows or Estée Lauder’s Double Wear Stay-in-Place Shadow Cremes, they’d get a perfect score from me but, sadly, they do budge and crease a bit too much for my taste. That being said, there are ways to extend the life expectancy of the look you create with these shadows (a great primer always helps, but you can also try coating the lid with a light powder shadow first and that will allow the cream to grip onto that layer as opposed to the greasier, sweatier surface of the lid). But, most likely, you WILL have to reapply within a few hours of use. That being said, the colors are so beautiful that it might be worth the extra touch-ups.

Check out what the shades look like on the skin:


Here’s what the colors look like on my eyelids:



NARS Lamu Multiple, $38. Available at NARScosmetics.com

NARS’ Multiples rarely disappoint, and this one is no exception. It’s actually my favorite product in the collection. Admittedly, had the Burn it Blue eye shadows been powder-based they would’ve taken the top prize, but seeing as they’re not, I had to crown the LAMU Multiple my favorite. Like any NARS Multiple, you can apply this cream color to your cheeks, the ridge of your nose, your decolletage, or any area that needs a flush of color. The color is ideal for summer, as it’s a golden bronze with a toasted apricot warmth to it. When you work the color into your cheeks, it will light up your entire face, making it look like you just went for a jog on the beach and emerged with a healthy glow. It’s a wonderful alternative to all the powder bronzers in the market since the latter tend to be overly saturated with glitter microparticles that wind up giving any added color an unnatural finish. The Lamu Multiple’s lightweight finish and its cream base provide a way more natural look.

Here’s what the Lamu Multiple looks like on the skin:



NARS Love Devotion Lipstick, $24. Available at NARScosmetics.com

Though it looks incredibly bright (perhaps to the point of being intimidating), the Love Devotion lipstick is actually a really sheer wash of color. The lipstick itself is a guava-meet-coral hue that, when applied to your pout, will make it look just the slightest bit flushed — as if you’d just eaten a popsicle or sipped on too much punch. It’s a more sophisticated take on the coral and peach colors we’ve been seeing of late, and the stain-like effect makes it a great option for women who want to experiment with different shade but are a bit gunshy about doing so.

Check out what the Love Devotion shade looks like on the skin:





                      *****     ******   *****   ****

Still want more detes on this killer collection? Peep this video of me discussing these products:




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