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NP Set “Pretty Presto!” Palette — Beauty on The Fly


Universally flattering eye and lip colors? Check. Portable and lightweight palette? Check. Natural-looking makeup? Check and checkmate. Yes, the “Presto!” part in NP Set’s Pretty Presto! palette seems more than fitting given how magical it is to finding such a great mix of quality and value in a single makeup set. The kit is shaped like a miniature book (even smaller than most toddler board books) so that, when you lift the top (which is attached via a magnetic closure), you’ll reveal two eye shadow hues, one strip of blush color, a mini lip gloss tube, and a black mascara tube, as well as a check-up mirror on the underside of the top lid.

The two earthy metallic eyeshadows will prove flattering for almost any woman, regardless of her specific skin tone or the color of the eyes. One shade is a light bronze hue with a satiny finish, while the other shade is a deep brown with hints of copper red. Together, the two shimmering shades help you create a natural, effortless feel that’s perfect for summer when you want to look like you just rolled out of bed tanned and glowing (hence the “pretty presto” bit).  For a flirty twist, all you have to do is apply a coat of the black mascara, which lengthens lashes and gives the eyes a hint of drama.

Since the shadows boast a shimmering finish, the lip gloss selected to complement them packs a nice vinyl-like finish but is free of any pearly, glittery particles. The color, meanwhile, is a light and sheer pink nude that will simply accentuate the colors naturally found on your pout (it’s practically clear).

The blush, meanwhile, is a vivid coral pink shade. The blush is perhaps the one piece of the Pretty Presto! makeup set that I’m not completely swooning over — it doesn’t blend as easily as the eye shadows, and you really have to put in a bit of muscle to work it into the cheeks in a way that won’t create a clown-like effect. Once you do properly blend it in, however, you’ll likely be pleased with the resulting look: a flushed, windswept effect.If you want more of a bronzed cheek I suggest tracing the outline of your cheekbones, dabbing a bit of the lighter eye shadow shade with your index finger and then blending it with the blush for a more natural, sunkissed vibe.

Sure, you’ll need to carry around a couple of brushes, but with this lightweight palette, you can get ready to rumble (or mambo) in five minutes flat — and for under $20 total. Pretty Presto, please!

Check out the swatches and photos below to get a better feel for the set.

Eye shadow shades and photo of me wearing them:



Check out this swatch of the blush color, as well as a profile photo of me rocking the blush (note that I added a touch of the light bronze eye shadow color to the blush):



Check out just how subtle the lip gloss is both in terms of the color and the even sheen:


Me wearing all the cosmetics in the Pretty Pesto! set:


NP Set Pretty Presto Cosmetics Set, $17.99. Available at Target stores and Target.com

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