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Priori Idebenone Superceuticals Age Defying Body Cream — Age Really Can Be Nothing But A Number


Look, as females, we’re bound to have body parts that jiggle. But, once you hit your 30s and 40s and previously firm areas like arms and knees start losing their firmness, it’s about as pleasant a sight as Austin Powers‘ Fat Bastard character in a Speedo. And sure, you should exercise and tone those muscles but you also need to take the same interest in your skin itself (it is, after all, the body’s biggest organ!). The Idebenone Superceuticals line of products from Priori Skincare targets signs of aging — from wrinkles and lines to spots and discoloration. While there’s a range of anti-aging facial creams and serums on the market (it’s the biggest growth sector of the skincare industry), there aren’t quite as many offerings that seek to address the skin covering the rest of your body. Besides, many of the firming body creams that are available, deliver only short-term results since they don’t target aging at the cellular level. Fortunately, Priori Skincare’s Idebenone Superceuticals Age Defying Body Cream accomplishes precisely this feat.

The body lotion (which has a lightweight, pleasant texture that feels like a mixture between Tahini sauce and light mayonnaise) relies on Idebenone, a bioengineered, synthetic analog of CoEnzyme Q10 — which, in turn, is  an enzyme found in all aerobic organisms that helps to promote cellular turnover and delivers antioxidant protection. Scientists engineered Idebenone so as to maximize the effectiveness of CoQ10 (think of it as the Hulk version of the enzyme, as it’s allegedly up to 1,000 times more effective). Though there is not a wealth of research comparing the performances of CoQ10 and Idebenone in clinical trials, it’s clear that CoQ10 (and hence Idebenone) both have anti-aging properties.

Priori scientists suggest that Idebenone has certain properties that make it rather unique — mainly its status as a respiratory chain antioxidant. What does that mean? Allow me to get a bit science-y on you. In aerobic organisms (i.e. organisms that are dependent on oxygen), the energy we need to conduct the most basic of functions is found in the mitochondria, organelles within each of our cells.These mitochondria not only help to supply energy, but they’re vital in cell differentiation, cell death, cell growth, and other vital  activities. Idebenone  targets the mitochondria, controlling the Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) molecule levels therein. These ROS molecules, which form during the oxygen metabolism process, have important roles in the cellular signaling process, but they are also incredibly reactive and can cause serious damage to the cellular structure, triggering the oxidation of fatty acids in lipids and amino acids in proteins, as well as damaging cellular DNA. These ROS molecules are particularly volatile (and harmful) with UV exposure and other situations of oxidative stress. By regulating these ROS molecules, then, Idebenone targets the cause of aging right at the source. 

While I don’t have too many wrinkles along my body just yet (knock on wood), I have noticed that the Priori Idebenone Age Defying Body Cream leaves my skin feeling extra smooth — it’s even helped to minimize the appearance and feel of the tiny bumps on my arms (the result of a lifelong battle with Keratosis Pilaris. I love how it softens and hydrates the skin without ever feeling greasy or balmy, making it a fantastic option for the hot months ahead. Plus, the high level of antioxidant protection will prove particularly helpful during the summer, when we’re all bound to spend more time in the sun. It’s a bit pricey, but well worth it!

Priori Idebenone Superceuticals Age Defying Body Cream, $120. Available at Dermstore.com or visit PrioriSkincare.com for more retail locations.

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