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Spring/Summer 2010 Beauty Trends — From Orange Lips To Teal Eyeshadow

For beauty junkies, part of the joy of changing seasons is experimenting with new makeup looks. For spring and summer, the dominant makeup looks range from bright coral, orange, and fuchsia pouts to marine blue, turquoise, teal, violet, and purple shadows. Here, an overview of some of my favorite trends and some of the best products to get these looks.


Just two weeks ago, I was discussing the MAC Art Supplies collection and discussing the Pro Longwear Lipstain Markers in the collection. Well, ladies, lipstain markers seem to be picking up steam in the lipgloss and lipstick-saturated world of lip color. If you don’t particularly like the creaminess of lipsticks or the sheen of lipglosses, and you prefer a more natural look, then lipstains are the way to go, since they infuse just a bit of matte color onto the lips, literally making it look like you were naturally born with lips that happened to be, say, orchid lilac or fire engine red. And, of course, the marker-like tip on the new lipstain offerings make the application process easier than a color-by-numbers project. I particularly recommend lipstain markers for women who want to experiment with bolder lip colors but are fearful of fully committing to a flashy lipstick shade. In other words, if you’re the type of gal who puts on red lipstick and then reaches for a tissue or blotting paper with which to dab your lips, then lipstains are a great alternative for you.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive lipstain marker option, the Cover Girl’s Outlast Lipstain range will be of interest. I personally tried the 410 Bit of Blossom, a deep azalea pink, and the 400 Everbloom, a light cherry pink. The 400 shade is great if you want to give your lips just a tiny color boots — it leaves your lips looking like you just with a slight tint, as if you just ate a cherry popsicle. The 410 Bit of Blossom shade is also rather demure, but it’s not quite as sheer and has more of a berry punch color.

One thing to note though: your lips have to be completely dry when you apply a lipstain marker (particularly these) or the color will not be properly distributed on your lips. Also, and this is key, until the lipstain has dried on your pout, you should refrain from pressing your lips together or smacking them as you would after applying lipstick. I made the mistake of doing that on more than one occasion and wound up with a bright bottom lip and a practically bare upper lip, which is clearly not the move!

For a glimpse at the Cover Girl Outlast shades  tried, check out the pics below.

Cover Girl Outlast Lipstain, $7.99. Available at mass food and drug retailers, as well as Drugsore.com Ulta.com

Check out the and the 410 Bit of Blossom shade (below, at left) and the 400 Everbloom shade (below, at right):

Here’s a photo of me wearing the Bit of Blossom shade:



Josie Maran Magic Marker Lip & Cheek Stain, $19. Available at Sephora.com

Here’s another fantastic lip stain marker alternative. Josie Maran’s new Magic Marker Lip & Cheek Stain range consists of six
paraben-free, sulfate-free colors. I had the chance to try the Mambo shade, a terracotta color that reminds me of Spanish roofing tiles. The Josie Maran Magic Marker takes a bit longer to dry than some of the other lipstain markers I’ve tried, but it also is less drying on the lips (plus, once it’s dry, it stays in place for quite a lengthy period of time). It can theoretically also be used on cheeks, but I wouldn’t advice it — if you’re going for a cheek stain, stick with creamy products specifically designed for that purpose (like one of Tarte’s Cheek Stains). But if you want to color your pout in, I’ll gladly second that motion!

Check out the Josie Maran Magic Marker in Mambo:



Initially, I was completely skeptical about this color trend — mainly because I associate orange with traffic cones and other safety hazard alerts. I figured if I applied orange lip color, I’d look like a waking, talking traffic cone. But, to my surprise, the right color of orange can perk up your entire face, adding some summery warmth to your complexion. One of my favorites is the Make Up For Ever Lipstick in 201, a Sunkist soda or even a candy corn shade of orange with a deliciously creamy texture and a beautiful satin finish that gives the flashy shade a sophisticated twist. If I’m opting for a more matte shade, I go for the Make Up For Ever Waterproof Lipliner in 17C, which looks like the color of a Flamboyan tree. I actually fill in the entire pout with the lipliner and, if desired, add a cat of clear gloss.The lipliner is incredibly durable and will literally stay on all day long, so it’s perfect for days when you don’t want to carry a bulky makeup bag around.

I’d also recommend the Ellis Faas L204 shade — the brush tip applicator allows you to easily apply this feathery light lip color, which feels like a lipgloss but has a slightly creamier texture and not as much of that reflective, vinyl sheen we associate with glosses. The hue is a beautiful reddish orange, like a tomato paste or orange curry color, but it’s significantly sheerer.

Want a really affordable option? Check out the NYC Cosmetics Black Label Lipstick in Citrine, a smooth creamy, slightly transparent blood orange shade.

Check out the swatches below!

Check out the Make Up For Ever Lipstick in 201 and the Aqua Lip Waterproof Lipliner Pencil in 17C:


Make Up For Ever Lipstick in 201, $19, and Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip Waterproof Lipliner Pencil in 17C, $17. Available at Sephora.com

Here’s a photo of me wearing the Make Up For Ever lipstick in 201:


Here’s what the Ellis Faas Milky Lips L204 color looks like:


Ellis Faas Milky Lips L204, $35. Available at Bergdorf Goodman and at EllisFaas.com

Here’s me wearing the Ellis Faas L204 shade:


Check out the NYX Black Label Lipstick in Citrine

NYX Black Label Lipstick in Citrine, $6. Available at CherryCulture.com



As temperatures rise and we all start dreaming of ocean-side voyages, these desires start to influence our makeup, as we flock to sea-inspired shades of navy blue, sapphire, teal, and aqua. A great way to experiment with these shades: Wet N Wild’s new Color Icon palette in 247 Pride, which features three soft semi-matte shades and three matching, highly pigmented metallic shades. The Pride palette includes: two versions of a cloud-like white hue (one with a chalky, dusky finish and, adjacent to it, another with a pearly metallic sheen); a teal-ish green reminiscent of the classic Jungle Green Crayola color (again in both a soft, powdery finish or a lovely metallic finish); and a sapphire blue (in a matte, slightly dusty finish or with a dose of shimmer that mirrors the ocean’s surface as a bit of sunshine hits its ripples).

Check out the colors in the 247 Pride palette:


Wet N Wild Color Icon eyeshadow palette in 247 Pride, $4.99. Available at mass food and drug stores.



Metallic eyeshadow hues and liners never really go into retirement, but what’s fascinating is just how many different colors are currently being imbued with a really frosty metallic sheen — rather than sticking to silver, gold, and bronze shades, we’re experimenting with frosty, shimmering iterations of everything from soft lilacs to elegant teals and deep turquoise blues. Even the traditional smoky eye look is being given a softer touch by adding pops of metallic color to darkened lids.

Check out some of the new metallics.

I’m a sucker for LORAC’s Starry-Eyed Baked Eyeshadow Trios, which feature shades that are easy to smooth onto lids but have this all-over, seamless frostiness to them (as opposed to chunky pearly particles). For Spring/Summer 2010, LORAC introduced some new shades to its Starry-Eyed range, including the Rockstar trio pictured above, which features a moody teal color, a pearly white shade, and a deep charcoal color.

LORAC Starry-Eyed Baked Eyeshadow Trio, $25. Available at LORACcosmetics.com

Check out the shades in the LORAC Starry-Eyed Baked Eyeshadow Trio in Rockstar:



Here’s a pic of me wearing the shimmering teal and charcoal shades in the Rockstar trio:



I love using metallic details to modernize a smoky eye and make the look pop (or to jazz up a basic shadow). My go-to product for this feat is the Bourjois Smokey Effet liner, which features a pencil tip on one end and a brush tip on the other to smooth, smudge, and blend the liner once applied to lids. The liners are available in lilac-tinged gray, an aqua-esque green, a coppery sepia brown, a pinkish lilac, and an asphalt black — all with a sleek metallic finish.

Bourjois Smokey Effet Eye Pencil, $15. Available at ULTA.com

Check out the Smokey Effet Eye Pencil in (from top to bottom): 73 Deep Green, 72 Dark Purple, 71 Smoked Brown, 75 Intense Black, and 74 Gray Shadow

Have you ever walked along the street at night, under the glimmer of neon lights, and seen the sparkling bits of glitter rocks embedded in the asphalt surface? You feel like you’re walking on a carpet of glitter, but the sight is all the more surprising since, on cloudy days, those very streets look anything but dazzling. When I applied the Urban Decay Stardust eyeshadow in the Void shade, I felt like I was recreating that feeling. From some angles, the shadow looked like a soft, dusky black, with just a hint of shine, but under the light, all those microscopic glitter particles shine with the ferocity of a supernova. I’m particularly in love with the Atmosphere, a light turquoise shade, and 54, a pale lilac hue.

Urban Decay Stardust Eyeshadow, $20 each. Available at Sephora.com

Check out these swatches of UD Stardust Eyeshadow in (from left to right): 54, Atmosphere, and Void


Here are the shades from a different angle:


Here are two pics of me wearing the Urban Decay Stardust in 54 with the Bourjois Paris Smoky Effet Liner in Grey Shadow:






Blondie would be so proud! For spring and summer, women are expressing their inner Jem with fuchsia, magenta, and cerise lip color shades. I’m currently swooning over the Ellis Faas Creamy Lips L104 shade, a raspberry sorbet shade, which looks a bit like a stain on the lips thanks to the sponge tip applicator. Another excellent choice: the LORAC Multiplex 3D Lip Gloss in Cliché, a pink shade with blue pearly particles that give it a slightly space-aged, iridescent finish.The peculiar shade makes me think of the flowing, light pink tresses of animé heroines.

If you want to get add some pink persuasion to your look but want a more budget-friendly choice, consider the NYX Cosmetics Sparkle Lip Gloss in Fuchsia Sparkle, a  with a deep magenta gloss, or the N.Y.C. New York Color Extreme Lip Glider Lip Gloss in Fuchsia Shock, an extremely sheer hot pink shade with a very sticky texture. If you’d rather go for a slightly more melon-tinged shade, check out the mark. Gloss Gorgeous in Lolli Chérie — it features a brush tip applicator so that it goes on like a gloss but, after a few hours, fades to become more of a stain on the lips, so that your lips just appear a bit flushed, showing traces of that particular flamingo pink-ish shade.

Look at the Ellis Faas Creamy Lips L104 color:


Ellis Faas Creamy Lips L104, $39. Available at Bergdorf Goodman and EllisFaas.com

Check out the LORAC Multiplex in Cliché: 

LORAC Multiplex 3D Lip Gloss in Cliché, $22. Available at LORACcosmetics.com

NYX Diamond Sparkle Lip Gloss in Fuchsia Sparkle:

NYX Diamond Sparkle Lip Gloss in Fuchsia Sparkle, $5.50. Available at NYXcosmetics.com

Check out the N.Y.C. New York Color Extreme Lip Glider in Fuchsia Shock:


N.Y.C. New York City Color Extreme Lip Glider Lip Gloss in Fuchsia Shock, $3.99. Available at mass food and drug retailers.

mark. Gloss Gorgeous Stay On Lip Stain in Lolli Cherie:


mark. Gloss Gorgeous Stay On Lip Stain, $9. Available at Avon.com


Light pink and nude colors are timeless, but this spring, they’re going particularly strong. Jemma Kidd’s Air Kiss features three handy, pocket-sized lipgloss tubes which you can snap into place or remove as needed. The three colors in the kit are: Sassy, a creamy salmon pink; Undress, a tawny brown color; and Rendesvouz, a flesh-toned shade with tons of shimmer.

JK Jemma Kidd Air Kiss Trio Lipgloss, $19. Available at Target stores and Target.com

Check out swatches of the three shades below:


*** Product samples were received for editorial review purposes when writing this piece.


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