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Virgins Saints & Angels’ “The Kardashian Collection” Launches Today!


Back in 2005, I covered the Mexico-based line Virgins Saints & Angels for the New York Post (and, complete disclaimer here: we worked for the “Tempo” section, a Latino culture, entertainment and lifestyle insert, and hence had nothing to do with the rest of the newspaper’s conservative shenanigans). Back then, VSA’s offerings mainly consisted of jeweled, antique-looking belt buckles and rosary necklaces inspired by Spanish colonial era aesthetic norms. A couple of years later, while at VIBE, I again had the chance to cover Virgins Saints & Angels — even better, I met the owner and designer Cheryl Finnegan, who made me so proud of my Latino heritage as she enthusiastically spoke of her heartfelt fascination with Latin American culture, architecture, and symbolism. I loved her belief that we all have goddesses or divine beings from whom we can draw inspiration. The images of deities from various religions incorporated into her designs, then, have more of an allegorical than a literal significance (and yet they’re used with the utmost respect and reverence).

Since then, I’ve seen Finnegan’s line flourish, expanding to include a full range of jewelry pieces that capture the line’s slightly gothic, at times Byzantine, and always vintage feel.  And I’m beyond excited to see each new collection since  VSA never disappoints.

The line’s latest collection is a collaboration with Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian. Launching today at Kitson, the Kardashian Collection by Virgins Saints & Angels, features such stunning pieces as the above-pictured spiked cuff, which boasts isosceles triangle shapes, all transformed into three-dimensional pyramid shapes with faceted edges and arrow-like details along their bases. These pyramid-like shapes, meanwhile, are arranged so that their bases face the center of the bracelet, with the spikes facing outward. At the center, meanwhile, you’ll find a row of round crystalline stones. One of my favorite details, however, is the granulated metal connecting the spikes in an accordion-like fashion — I love the texture created by the granulation, how it resembles stingray skin. Looking at the cuff is like staring at an artistic interpretation of the Burgos Cathedral in Spain.

Another fantastically ornate piece is the ring (pictured second from top), which features gorgeous, swooping swirl designs along the outer edge of each leg, a green center stone with granulated details surrounding it, and a trio of smaller green stones along the center of each leg. Want something you can use on a near-daily basis? Then check out the silver-toned hoop earrings (pictured at top), which boast spiked details jutting out along the lower rim of the circular shape.

Stunning, right? If you live in the LA area,  stop by Kitson today from 3 to 5 p.m. for your chance to check out the jewelry collection first-hand and meet the Kardashian sisters. Check out the event flyer for more details.

Want another chance to meet the Kardashians? Then don’t miss out on the launch of their Bebe-Kardashian collection tomorrow — click here for details about the Bebe event!

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