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Bitten By Demitasse Jewelry’s The Vampire Chronicles Collection



Love bites — whether it's in the Def Leppard, love begs-love-pleads way or in the more literal, blood-sucking capacity. And, based on the seemingly endless lines of anxious moviegoers gathered outside theaters last night for the opening of The Twilight Saga: The Eclipse, it's the latter form of goth romanticism that's enticing the masses.

In the spirit of the current vampire mania, Demitasse Jewelry designer Rachael White created the Vampire Chronicles collection, which features pieces alluding to sorcerer mythology. There's the Demivamp necklace (pictured at top and, again, third from top), which boasts a 30" cable chain in either vintage brass, gunmetal-y silver, or rose gold shades, which features a hollow metal ring pendant with fang details along the lower arch (so that, if you set the ring atop a table, you'll get a clear view of the spiked incisors) and a bullet tip charm dangling inside the center. For a more stylish take on this concept, Modern Day Elviras can choose the Beaded Demifangs necklace (pictured second from top), which trades in the cable chain in favor of faceted, midnight blue, glass rosary beads. The coolest part: you can string one of these around your neck and then loop the ring over one of your fingers to strike a sinister seductress pose.

If the fang motifs are a bit too morbid or creepy for you, check out the Demibullets, which boast 30" chains with hollowpoint bullet pendants measuring 3" in length. Pick your vessel and vamp it up!

Just remember: no real-life biting allowed!

Demitasse Demivamp necklace, $45; Beaded Demifangs necklace, $98; and Demibullets necklace, $55. Available at DemitasseJewelry.com

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