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Go Beachy Boho Chic With Allison Dayton’s Stretch Bracelets




A quick and painless way to add a Bohemian vibe to any ensemble is to simply stack a few stretch bracelets on your wrist — just make sure they're made of raw stones like agate, coral, or turquoise, or feature wooden, paper, or bone beads. Jewelry designer Allison Dayton offers a number of such pieces, most of which are priced under $50.

Just check out some of the pieces pictured above. The Red Coral Bracelet (pictured second from top), for example, features spherical but symmetrical and jagged slices of coral with sponge-y pores that make each nugget look like it was plucked straight from the Great Barrier Reef. Another great choice is the Venus Bracelet (pictured third from top), which features black, white, and caramel-colored agate stones with a smooth surface but serrated, ridged edges.

There's also a Tumbled Turquoise piece, which features four strands of pebble-shaped turquoise stones bounded together by a silver slide clasp, and the Batik Dyed Bone Bead design (my personal favorite), which consists of a single strand of mahogany-and-cream beads with a funky, tribal motif.  For the ultimate Boho-meets-Bahamas vibe, choose a few different styles and mix and match, stacking them up as high as your heart desires.

Allison Dayton Red Coral Bracelet, $18, and Allison Dayton Venus Bracelet in Black & White Agate, $16. Available at AllisonDayton.com



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