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Illamasqua Body Electrics Summer 2010 Collection


Ahh, Illamasqua. A smile creeps onto my face every time I speak of (or in this case, write about) this brand — it’s like I transform into this gushing, giggly teenybopper who can’t stop talking about her junior high crush. What makes this occasion worth relishing even more than usual is that I have the chance to discuss an entire Illamasqua collection rather than a few choice products. See, this UK-based cosmetics company made its foray into U.S. Sephora.com stores last year but, at that point, the products available were mainly older releases in the brand’s permanent collection. For Summer 2010, however, Illamasqua is releasing its first complete thematic makeup collection in the U.S.: the Body Electrics collection. Coincidentally, this is also the first Illamasqua collection ever to include products meant for both face and body.

Inspired by the idea of kinetic energy and of fluid, seamless movements, the collection incorporates tons of shimmering products that reflect, refract and play with light to accentuate the form of the wearer’s body and the natural contours of the face. Metallic colors and finishes are, of course, key in creating this body-in-motion illusion. To that end, Illamasqua Creative Director Alex Box added two new shades to Illamasqua’s popular Liquid Metal offerings. These lightweight, multi-purpose cream pigments were already available in , Enrapture and Solstice (a metallic copper and antique gold, respectively) — and now, we also have Surge, a slightly dirty, pewter-y steel hue, and Phenomena, a futuristic and almost galactic silver. The Body Electrics collection also includes a limited-edition 4-Colour Liquid Metal (pictured above), which features all four existing Liquid Metal shades in a sleek black case with a compact mirror.

Shimmering bronzers and highlighters also play a huge part in the Body Electrics collection. First, there’s the  enigmatic Gleam Cream in Flex, a shimmering but ultra sheer iridescent pink with an almost ultraviolet finish. The Gleam Cream looks and feels much like a thin, lightweight moisturizer — but, when applied on the skin, it takes on this shimmering, opalescent quality, highlighting the area and adding contour and definition. If you’re looking for a healthy golden glow, other options include the Bronzing Duo in Glint/Burnish, a peach-and-bronze pressed powder combination, and the Powdered Metal in Thalia, a shimmering golden brown hue that can be applied to both the face and body.

Lastly, in terms of color cosmetics, the Body Electrics collection offers two new Powder Eye Shadow shades: Imagine, a vibrant electric blue, and Can Can, a vivid violet. There’s also a delicious new Sheer Lipgloss shade: Divine, a hot pink hue.

Below, you’ll find swatches of the Liquid Metal in Phenomena, Gleam Cream in Flex, and Sheer Lipgloss in Divine, as well as more details on each product.



For summer 2010, Illamasqua is exploring the cooler, silvery spectrum of color through its two new Liquid Metal shades: Surge, a metallic steel hue, and Phenomena, a space-aged silver. If you’ve tried Illamasqua’s Liquid Metals before, then you already know this isn’t your traditional cream pigment. As soon as you open the container and place your index finger on the pigment, you’ll notice how light the consistency is — rather than a creamy texture, it has an almost oil-like feel, making it easy to glide right onto your eyelids (or any other desired surface) without applying virtually any pressure. Plus, the Liquid Metals are saturated with microscopic shimmering particles.

I had the chance to try the new Phenomena shade of Liquid Metal, and I loved the futuristic, almost Jetsons-like feel of the silver color. Unlike a pressed silver eye shadow, which would look like it was layered atop the skin, the Illamasqua Liquid Metal created a surreal illusion, as if this pigment were naturally found in my skin and I was a sci-fi heroine (think Silver Surfer).

You can apply the Liquid Metal to eyes, face or body, but I love using them on my eyelids. I will say, however, that if you plan on using this product on your lids, you should only do so if you’re going for a fluid, more carefree look rather than a structured, geometric look. The Liquid Metal pigment does, in fact, run a bit, with the color migrating to the outer corners of the eyes but you can counteract this tendency by applying eyelid primer and/or patting on some mattifying powder to absorb the oil on your lids and make the Liquid Metal really stick. But even when it does run a bit, your lids do still retain a heavy dose of glittering pigment. Another plus: the Liquid Metal in Phenomena ranges from a more somber, gray-ish steel to a sparkling Tin Man-esque color depending on how the light hits it.

Here’s what the Liquid Metal in Phenomena looks like on the skin:




Me wearing the Liquid Metal in Phenomena:


Illamasqua Liquid Metal in Phenomena, $26. Available at Sephora.com





This new lipgloss shade looks like a magnetic, ultra vivid, ’80s-esque hot pink when inside it tube but, once applied onto the lips, the shade has such a sheer finish that it appears much more subdued. The perkiness of the pink shade remains, of course, but it requires less of an adventurous spirit to pull off than you might initially think. Also, rather than a glimmering finish, this lipgloss has a slick, mirror-like sheen that gives it a delicious icy feel.

Here’s what the Sheer Lipgloss in Divine looks like on the skin:




And here’s me wearing the Sheer Lipgloss in Divine:


Illamasqua Sheer Lipgloss in Divine, $19. Available at Sephora.com





This cream literally feels like a lightweight moisturizer, but it has this remarkable iridescent finish. When you first dab it onto the skin, you’ll see a milky white droplet but, as you rub it into the skin, you’ll notice how it transforms into this sheer, shimmering soft pink. It literally makes your skin glow like a white crystal opal gemstone, with its blue violet, fiery pink, and soft fuchsia tones. It highlights your skin exquisitely, and you can use it on your face or your body. I tend to use it to accentuate my cheekbones  — depending on how the light hits my face, it can make my cheeks look sleeker or more contoured. I also like applying it to my arms to add some definition and make my limbs look a bit more toned.

If you want an all-over glow, you can mix the Gleam Cream with your tinted body moisturizer (or your regular moisturizer) and smooth it all over your skin.

Here’s me wearing the Sheer Lipgloss in Divine on my lips, the Liquid Metal in Phenomena on my lids, and  the Gleam Cream in Flex to highlight my cheekbones:

Illamasqua Gleam Cream in Flex, $36. Available at Sephora.com



Still want more? Check out this video of me discussing the products:



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