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Kane & Couture — Canine Fashion’s Best In Show




Nowadays, when I see people splurging on doggy biscotti (yes, such a thing does exist), I chuckle a bite to myself — and yet, at one point, I was a card-carrying member of the excessive doggy pampering club. My maternal instincts had kicked in, and I treated my pup Shane like a newborn baby. For one, I gave Shane a middle name (“Christopher,” after Christopher Robin from Winnie the Pooh). Now, this dog had his own shelf section in my closet (mind you, I haven’t even extended that courtesy to live-in boyfriends in the past), to store his sweaters, rain coats, and graphic tees. I also toted him around everywhere in a houndstooth Puchi Bag, even though he weighed 14 lbs and my shoulder would be aching after just 15 minutes. And seriously, Shane ate better than my roommate and I combined. After giving birth to my son, I realized that my over-the-top efforts to spoil my pup were directly linked to my desire to become a mommy, and I laughed at some of my antics. But I gotta say, as much as I may chuckle at people who carry around pics of their pups, I totally get it.

Which is why my eyes glistened when I stared at these luxury dog collars from Kane & Couture, a new canine couture line with an edge. Check out the Street Chic collar (pictured at top), which features a magenta and purple snakeskin print adorned with Swarovski crystals and two dangling pewter chains. Next, there’s the KC Premium Collection Ruffled Pearl Collar, which infuses a subtle femininity into an otherwise military vibe; this design boasts an olive green nylon strap, distressed ruffles adorned with bronze pearled studs, and a gold buckle accent. Third from top, you’ll find the City Pooch collar, which features a black-and-white snakeskin print on Italian leather and is adorned with silver metal chains and square buckle accents. The last design pictured above is the KC Premium Snakeskin Addict Collar, which features an undulating silver buckle shaped like a writhing snake.

Kane & Couture also offers leashes, harnesses, dog canopies and sleigh beds, and T-shirts and hoodies, but I find the collars particularly impressive. If you take your dog for a walk, his jewelry might just get more stares than yours!

 Pictured above: Kane & Couture Street Chic Collection Collar, $75; Kane & Couture KC Premium Collection Ruffled Pearl Collar, $65; Kane & Couture City Pooch Collection Collar, $50; and Kane & Couture KC Premium Collection Snakeskin Addict Collar, $140. Available at KaneAndCouture.com

Pictured below: Kane & Couture City Pooch Collection Leash, $65; and Kane & Couture Urban Hound Collection Leash, $65. Available at KaneAndCouture.com



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