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Linea Pelle Double Wrap Sliced Leather Bracelet — As Seen In The Back-Up Plan!



If you saw Jennifer Lopez's new romantic comedy, The Back-up Plan, then you're probably eager to learn more about the head-turning outfits, not to mention foxy jewelry and shoes, featured therein. After all, Jennifer Lopez has yet to miss a style beat in any of her films — she even looked fly in the final scenes of Enough, while she give her abusive husband a lethal dose of Puerto Rican Judo (okay, it wasn't Judo nor did it have anything to do with being Puerto Rican, but you catch my drift). And of course, The Back-Up Plan is no exception, as Lopez models one cute ensemble after the other — even when her character's pregnant belly becomes absolutely rotund  (and, as most moms know, finding cute maternity clothes is a daunting feat). In terms of the accessories, one piece stands out, appearing in multiple scenes: this Linea Pelle Double Wrap Sliced Leather Bracelet.

This Italian leather bracelet features sliced strips that give the piece a laid-back, slightly Boho feel. They remind me of Slinky toys since the slices give the piece movement and malleability. Measuring two inches in width, these bracelets (available in dark chocolate, scotch, vintage gold, vintage silver, and black) are meant to be wrapped around the wrist twice and then closed with one of two brass snaps. 

In the film, Lopez pairs her bracelet with a Missoni-esque sweater bearing zig-zagging strips of color, worn above a tan tank dress and paired with a slim black belt and slouchy black suede boots. She also rocks it with an ensemble consisting of wide-leg navy trousers, a striped tank worn beneath a tailored white vest, and accessorized with a navy-and-white infinity scarf. And in yet another scene, the bracelet is worn with a loose-fitting, paisley print halter dress. So, as you can see, the bracelet is almost as notable a part of the movie as the fictional baby bump!

 Linea Pelle Double Wrap Sliced Leather Bracelet, $65. Available at LPcollection.com

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