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New Knock Out Cosmetics Nail Lacquers Pack A Mighty Punch



You might remember how some of the models in the DKNY Fall 2010 runway show showed off teal blue nails with a matte finish. Four matte lacquer shades were used for the event — all by up-and-coming brand Knock Out Cosmetics. The shades used were: “Sher,” a coral-y pink sherbet color; “Plaster,” a pale, yellow-ish nude; “Concrete,” a light gray hue; and “Pool,” the aforementioned teal blue. Like many onlookers, I was instantly smitten with the “Pool” color and couldn’t wait to get my anxious little hands on it. And, last month, at the Makeup Show in NYC, I finally did (plus I nabbed the “Match” shade for good measure).

The “Pool” shade is equal parts Navajo light turquoise and tropical aqua, making it a great selection for summer, but there’s an iciness to the matte shade that makes it perennial. The “Match” color, meanwhile, reminds me of the “Wild Watermelon” Crayola shade since it’s a sunny pink with red-orange undertones. Both of these shades are naturally matte but, in order to intensify the matte finish and really eliminate any tinge of sheen, you should finish your routine with the Knock Out Flatte top coat. To get the desired intensity, you’ll need to layer 3-4 shades of color but, fortunately, each layer dries phenomenally fast and so the entire process won’t prove too time consuming (nor will you have to deal with any goop and clumping).

Based on these two lacquer shades, I’m already a Knock Out convert, so expect to hear much more about the brand. Check out the photos below and see why this brand knocked me out!

Knock Out Cosmetics “Pool” on nails:



Knock Out Cosmetics “Match” on nails:



 Knock Out Cosmetics “Liberty” and “Match” nail lacquers, $19 each. Available at Beauty.com

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