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Samantha House Jewelry Is In The House!





When I laid eyes on Samantha House's Tidal Necklace in Blue (pictured at top), I remembered a trip I took to The Baths in Virgin Gorda. There were enormous boulders along the island's shore — and, just off the shoreline, stood a maze-like rock formation that people could swim (or trek) through. I recall making my way through the opening, which was fittingly shaped like a triangle, and marveling at the dark, mysterious interior of the cavernous space. One of the most fascinating aspects was the way the water changed colors depending on how much light penetrated through the flatter, jagged rocks constituting the "ceiling." The midnight blue of the smoky quartz stones remind me of those enigmatic waters, and the light bouncing off the faceted edges of each stone mirrors the way the sea reflected any light piercing through the rock maze. The gold metallic strands weaving the stones together create a statement-making cluster that's as powerful a force of nature, while the rope chain adds a jaunty nautical vibe.

And the marvels don't end there. The Ladder Necklace (pictured second from top in Sand and fourth from top in Sea) features an inverse pyramid arrangement made of oval, flattened, polished quartz stones — but, most interestingly, it features ladder-like rungs, with one single stone placed in a horizontal direction in the middle of each "rung." These necklaces are 37 inches long, but their length can be adjusted as desired. They're an easy way to climb up the "style" ladder, right?

Also pictured above is the Yacht Rock Necklace (shown second from top), which features a square block made of three rows of rectangular citrine quartz stones, with a gold rope chain woven throughout and giving the necklace an haute resort-ready feel. In the words of Rick Ross, "Living larger than life, call this the Yacht Club." And you, too, can be a member of this club!

Samantha House Tidal Necklace in Blue, $245; Samantha House Yacht Rock Necklace in Citrine, $235; Samantha House Ladder Necklace in Sand, $165; and Samantha House Ladder Necklace in Sea, $185. All available at ShopSamanthaHouse.com

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