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Sephora by O.P.I “Chic Prints For Nails” — Minx-Inspired Appliqués



The new Sephora.com are heavily influenced by the current fascination with Minx. These stick-on nail appliqués are meant to cover the entire nail plate and come in a variety of designs — among them a light turquoise and fuchsia pink checkered print; a design with black-and-white stripes with anchor motifs and a pink-and-silver fishnet design; and a slightly gothic silver number with black skull designs. A collaboration between Minx, O.P.I, and Sephora.com, the Chic Prints for Nails come in slim, envelope-like packets, each containing a single sheet with 16 pre-cut nail strips.

So how do they work? It’s a fairly simple process. First, you find a nail strip in the size that best suits the nail you want to cover. Next, you heat up the strip to make it more malleable by rubbing it with your fingers. Frankly, this technique doesn’t work particularly well, especially since it’s so awkward to stroke a nail strip that’s still stuck onto a plastic sheet). If you want a more adventurous approach, you can run your blow dryer over the strip for a few seconds and then quickly peel it off the sheet. You then place the sticker-like strip on the nail plate, aligning the rounded edge so that it touches the base of the cuticle. If the strip is a bit too thick for your nail plate, trim the edges with some cuticle scissors. Next, carefully press the strip down onto your nail, running one finger over the surface and applying a bit of pressure so that any air bubbles or creases were smoothed out. Next — and this is the tricky part —you want to tuck the excess over the edge of your nail, starting at one end and working your way to the other edge. After that’s done, grab a crystal nail file and, using downward strokes, file the excess off. The science to this step: you want to file your nails from the back (otherwise, you’re going to get frayed edges).

Now, these designs are whimsical and will doubtless get you some stares on the street, but let me be clear: don’t expect these to be Minx quality. After all, Minx is a gel polymer whereas these are adhesive appliqués. They hence won’t look quite as seamless on your nails, nor will they last nearly as long. Also, the edges do tend to get frayed and jagged rather easily, so you have to be very mindful of your nails whenever you wash your hands or do any sort of manual labor. Bottom line: the Chic Prints for Nails will last you 2 days tops, so they’re are basically cheeky designs for when you want to show off a bit (without paying $50+ dollars on a Minx session). That being said, if you want your design to last for a longer period of time,  Minx will prove more affordable in the long haul (after all, 3 packs of Chic Prints for Nails will only last you about 6 days and will run you $45). But if you’re going to a party or special event and want to perk up your nails with a temporary design, these are a fun get.

Check out the pictures of the Checkers design below:


Sephora-by-opi-chic-prints-checker Sephora-minx-chic-prints-for-nails-design-appliques


Sephora by O.P.I Chic Prints For Nails, $15 per packet. Available at Sephora.com

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