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Shu Uemura Gem Glam Eye Shadows — ‘Cause You’re A Diamond Girl


Do you want your eyes to sparkle brighter than that crystal-studded choker Christina Aguilera wears in the opening scene of her “Not Myself Tonight” video? Well, look no further. This summer’s makeup is all about shimmy, shimmy ya-ya-ing all the way to shimmer. Whether we’re discussing bronzers, lip glosses or eye shadows, we’ll likely focus on frosty, glittery finishes. Metallic shades are, of course, key players in the road to sparkle, but they have to be saturated with microscopic glitter particles in order to have the necessary Midas madness feel. Enter Shu Uemura’s Gem Glam collection, which features four pressed eye shadow shades saturated with glitter. The collection includes: G Gold, a bling-y gold lamé shade worthy of a Beyoncé or Nicki Minaj clip; G Silver, a futuristic, spacseship-meets-disco shade; G White Rainbow, a crisp, opalescent white that sparkles in golden green and pink tones when the light hits it; and G Green, a pastel seafoam green with a metallic finish.

While there are tons of frosted and glitter eye shadows this season, what makes these so special is how effectively they adhere to lids. Normally, when you apply a sparkle-heavy shadow, you wind up with outlying particles along your cheeks, forehead, and chin, which can be beyond frustrating, as no one wants to look like they’ve just completed a glittery kindergarten arts-and-crafts project  The Gem Glam shadows, however, tend to stay in place — the color doesn’t migrate and smear as the day goes by (even on humid, sweaty days), nor do glitter bits wind up all over your face.

In terms of the texture, the glitter particles in the Gem Glam eye shadows create a slightly rougher texture than what you might find in its counterparts, but these pigments are still pretty nonabrasive. They might feel a bit grainy when you first sweep them onto your lids, but the sensation won’t be unpleasant or overly harsh. And, as mentioned, you can brush the color and distribute it as desired with relative ease — and sans the messiness associated with glitter shadows.

Pictured below, you’ll find swatches of the G Gold, G Silver and G White Rainbow shades, as long as photos of me wearing these colors. Get your shine on!

Shu Uemura Gem Glam Pressed Eye Shadow, $20. Available at ShuUemura-USA.com

Check out swatches of the G White Rainbow, G Gold and G Silver shades:


Me wearing Gem Glam in G Gold on the lids and Gem Glam in G White Rainbow along the inner corners and crease:




Check out this video for a closer look at the Shu Uemura Gem Glam collection:


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