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Soy Delicious Moisturizing Candles Light My Fire


Since I’m a bit of a Clumsy Cathy (and I have the burn marks, black-and-blues, and scars to prove it), I was a bit nervous to try the new Soy Delicious candles since the process involved dipping my fingers into newly melted soy and then applying this liquid onto my skin. So, after giving myself a little “what’s the worst that could happen?” pep talk, I finally went a step beyond watching the flame of my Soy Delicious Tahitian Orchid candle swaying in the air. When the soy had melted and a nice little liquid pool had formed along the top of the candle’s surface, I blew out the flame, waiting a good five seconds for the black smoke fumes to dissipate, and then dipped my index finger into that little pool of liquefied wax. In reality, there was no reason for my apprehension — the liquid is about as warm as a cup of tea that’s been sitting out for a few minutes, so it won’t burn at all. And, once your fingers are covered in the molten soy, well, that’s when the fun begins.

An eco-friendly alternative to harmful paraffin wax candles, the Soy Delicious candles are made using 100% pure soy and their lead-free cotton wicks also minimize the potential for harmful air pollutants. Each of their candles contains high concentration of fragrance oils and scent offerings range from Island Mango to Orange Groves, Lemongrass, Gardenia, Dulce de Leche, Tahitian Orchid, and more.

What initially drew me to this line, however, was the company’s clever name: in Spanish, the word “soy” means “am,” so that “Soy Delicious” translates into “Am Delicious.” Cute, right? Fortunately, the name was more than window dressing. It was a sign of the up-and-coming company’s promise.

To get a feel for the Soy Delicious candles, I checked out two of their scents: Tahitian Orchid and Orange Grove. Now, here’s what’s fascinating: the candles don’t emit a particularly strong scent when lit. If you’re used to candles that fill the room with a biting fragrance, you may initially be disappointed. But I would argue that the benefits of these candles lie in their moisturizing properties — and, in that capacity, they’re pretty stellar. When you scoop the liquefied oil out of the candle container and rub it in between your hands, that’s when you’ll really become acquainted with its scent. The Tahitian Orchid is a lovely, crisp scent that’s floral but a bit woody and green. The molten soy will initially feel like oil against your skin, and you can rub it on any body parts that need a healthy infusion of moisture. You’re encouraged to rub this oil onto cuticles, hands, feet, elbows, knees, and any rough or dry patches. I absolutely love applying it to my feet, especially along the heel area, which tend to get dry and cracked in the summertime.

At first, your skin will feel greasy, but as the liquid soy sinks into the skin and works its magic, you’ll feel it getting softer and smoother thanks to the proteins, vitamin E , and isoflavones in the soy, which condition the skin, protect it from free radicals, and help to even pigmentation. I even applied it all over my arms (from wrist to shoulder) — and, while I initially felt a bit sticky and uncomfortable, after a few hours, my skin felt remarkably soft and replenished. That being said, because it does feel balmy initially, I wouldn’t suggest applying to larger sections of skin (like legs or arms) unless you’ve got some great air conditioning in your house — otherwise, you’ll get that sweaty, sticky feeling like you’re walking through a humid hell. In the warmer months, I’d advise using the liquefied soy to problem areas like cuticles, elbows, and feet.

Now here’s a bit of advice: it’s easy to get overzealous and scoop out both the liquid in the candle tin and the soft wax underneath it, but I’d advise you to leave the buttery wax alone since that will definitely prove too thick for comfort. Stick to the liquid and let it work its magic. One exception: if you’ve got a romantic date with a special someone, you can light these candles to create a sexy mood and then turn up the heat (figuratively speaking) by offering a massage using the warm liquefied soy. And in that scenario, anything goes!

Soy Delicious Candles, $34; Whipper Sugar Scrub, $24; and 2 oz. Travel Tins, $7 each. Available at Soy-Delicious.com

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