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Summer Hair Must — Kelly Van Gogh Wonderlust Hair Color Illuminating Tonic


Simplifying at-home hair color has been Kelly Van Gogh’s life work — and since launching her eponymous company in 2008, Van Gogh has seduced DIY-minded beauty hounds with her popular Root Rehab Kit, which allows for quick root touch-ups, and her Heads Up! Couture Highlighting Kit, which enables customers to see their hair color lightening as the highlighting process unfolds (no peeking inside folded aluminum foil strips necessary). In addition to these hair color kits, Van Gogh released a shampoo and conditioner designed to address the needs of color-treated locks. And now,Van Gogh is rounding out her collection with the Wonderlust Hair Color Illuminating Tonic, which gives hair a lustrous finish.

Inside its spray bottle, the tonic appears to have a clear color with a slightly golden tint and, at the bottom, there’s a coat of microscopic, glitter-like, silvery white mica particles. When you shake the bottle (which you’re advised to do before use), the watery tonic develops an all-over opalescent shimmer. Needless to say, if you spritz the Wonderlust tonic on damp hair and brush your mane, the mica particles will be dispersed throughout your mane, giving it a lovely shine.

But the illuminating aspect is only half the reason behind Wonderlust’s wondrousness.The Kelly Van Gogh Hair Illuminating Tonic also protects hair from harmful UV rays thanks to ingredients like caviar, which contains strengthening proteins, as well as Omega-3 fatty acid, amino acids, and vitamins A, C and D — all of which help to create a barrier against environmental damage. Keratin proteins, meanwhile, help to reduce frizz and condition hair. It also gets bonus points for featuring a lovely, extra feminine jasmine-and-rose scent.

The only caveat: make sure to wash your hands after styling your hair as the mica particles are likely to stick onto your palms. Once your hair dries, however, you can feel free to do as many hair flips and twirls as your flirty heart desires.

Kelly Van Gogh Wonderlust Hair Color Illuminating Tonic, $30. Available at Space NK and SpaceNK.com

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