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Bing Bang by Anna Sheffield x Timo Weiland Collaboration — All The Bows And Whistles

For their first collaborative effort, jewelry designer Anna Sheffield and fashion designer Timo Weiland seem to have aimed for a preppy aesthetic with just a hint of edge, all informed by a vintage, Mad Men-era vibe. It’s a decidedly New York-flavored collection though certain pieces do nod to the prim sophistication of the Edwardian era (aka La Belle Epoque).

Fans of Joan Holloway (Christina Hendricks‘ bodacious character on Mad Men) will swoon over the Whistle Necklace, which features a tubular brass whistle measuring 2.5″ hanging from a silk ribbon strand (you can choose between a black ribbon or a grayish lavender ribbon with white polka dots).

For a more regal, vintage look, there’s the Bow Fob Necklace (pictured last, above), which features a brass medallion-like pendant with a thin bow sitting atop of its frame. The fob reference, of course, alludes to the ornaments that were once threaded through the ribbons or chains of pocket watches (and which were de rigueur in London and France during the Edwardian and Victorian eras).

One of my favorite pieces is the Bow Chain Belt (pictured below), a multi-chain brass belt that hangs at the hips and boasts a cheeky bow with a lavender with white polka dots print. And, of course, I’m swooning over the most audacious piece in the collection: the Bow Web-Chain Necklace (pictured at top). This exaggerated necklace features strips of black leather molded to resemble an oversize bow, with mixed brass chains dangling along the center of each leather strip in such a way as to accentuate its curves and ridges. Obviously, this is the type of piece you need to wear with an extremely simple top (a skin-tight, adornment-free black or white top, for example), and you’ve got to have beaucoup attitude to pull it off but, if you’ve got the guts, you’ll get the style gusto.

Bing Bang x Timo Weiland Bow Web-Chain Necklace, $225; Whistle Necklace, $105; Bow Fob Necklace, $125; Bow Chain Belt, $125; and Whistle Necklace, $105. All available at Shop.BingBangNYC.com



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