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Mighty Fine “Heal The Gulf” Tee — A Fashionable Response To The BP Oil Spill



Rightfully dubbed “America’s Chernobyl,” the BP Oil Spill that began on April 20th has wrought havoc on marine ecosystems, with over 4,500 pelicans, sea gulls, birds, sea turtles (already an endangered species), dolphins, and other ocean creatures reported dead as of July 21st. Though the cap placed on the leaking well two weeks ago has temporarily contained the damage, it’s by no means a viable long-term solution. And even when the leaking well has been permanently stopped, we’ll still be left to determine how to clean up the estimated 200 million gallons of oil that gushed into the Gulf of Mexico, an effort that has thus far included dumping 1.8 gallons of chemical dispersants into the ocean — which, while being the lesser of two evils, could still have its own damaging effects on sealife. The immediacy of the catastrophe is hitting those in in coastal areas (particularly in Louisiana) particularly hard, as many fishermen and shrimpers have had their livelihoods threatened.

In response to this environmental catastrophe, Mighty Fine has launched a collection of “Heal The Gulf” tees including the one pictured above, which features rolled-up sleeves and a circle graphic with the “Heal the Gulf” slogan in faded sky blue and black block letters, as well as depictions of affected animal life such as sea turtles, dolphins, pelicans, seagulls, and jellyfish. From an aesthetic perspective, I love how the lower half of the circle features strips of blue-green that deepen in intensity as your gaze moves further down, perhaps illustrating the varying colors of the ocean, or how a strip of golden yellow runs right across the middle of the circle, perhaps representing the sand. The upper half of the circle, meanwhile, features a thick strip of warm coral along the arc, a color that’s reminiscent of the sky at sunset.

Not only is the tee a means through which to raise awareness, but it’s a way to physically contribute to aid efforts: proceeds from the “Heal The Gulf” collection will be donated quarterly to a yet-to-be-selected organization that demonstrates both commitment and successi in addressing the various problems resulting from the BP Oil spill disaster.

Let the healing begin!

Mighty Fine “Heal the Gulf” tee, $20. Available at WeLoveFine.com

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