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MyFaceWorks “I Need The Works” Crystal Fiber Super Facial Mask


Back in 2001, I had my first experience with a paper facial mask. I’d gone to an event at Henri Bendel during which I became fascinated with Awake’s Nano Lotion, which remains one of the best brightening, complexion-evening treatments I’ve ever tested. The saleswoman recommended applying the Nano Lotion using one of the Awake Pop-Up Masks. Each paper mask was shaped like a round, nickel-sized tablet — and yet, if you poured a bit of the Awake Nano Lotion into its bottle cap and dipped the pop-up mask in, the paper would absorb all the liquid and expand, springing up like a coiled toy. Once the mask popped up, you could just unfold it and apply onto the skin, lining the eye, nose and lip perforations with your own features. After my experience with the Awake Pop-Up Mask, I fell in love with the idea of paper masks. It’s not easy to find a good one, but when you do, it’s well worth the investment since you get all the skincare benefits without the messiness that accompanies Amazonian clay, Japanese matcha tea, seaweed, cucumber, papaya enzyme  or any other purifying, smoothing, or rejuvenating mask. Which brings me to the MyFaceWorks “I Need The Works” facial mask, which is easily the best paper-like mask I’ve ever tested (and frankly, one of the best masks I’ve tried period).

Each “I Need The Works” Facial Mask is available in a boxed  set of three, with each mask individually packaged inside its very own, easy-to-open pouch. Unlike a traditional paper mask,  these don’t consist of just one sheet. Because these are crystal fiber masks, they’re tucked inside two other layers — the first a peel-off plastic layer; the other, a woven, tissue-like layer. To use each mask, you first have to rip open the pouch in which it’s tucked, then unfurl it and gently peel off the plastic layer. Once you peel off the plastic layer, you can position the cool, gelatinous mask on your face, smoothing it out and aligning it according to your facial structure. Once the mask  is correctly positioned on your visage, you can peel off the top layer — this is perhaps the trickiest part since the woven layer is rather thin and you have to lift it gently and slowly so as not to disturb the active crystal fiber mask positioned on the face. After removing the top layer, you can just sit back and enjoy the mask for 20-30 minutes.

The crystal fiber mask features the following ingredients: Sodium Hyaluronate, which helps the skin retain moisture, boosts circulation, and promotes collagen and elastin production, leading to smoother, younger-looking skin;  Hydroxyethyl Urea, which is believed to work as a moisturizing agent and which softens the top layers of the epidermis; Algae Extract, which firms the skin, minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and lines; Polyglutamic Acid, which helps the skin retain moisture; and Codium Tomentosum Extract, a seaweed algae with powerful moisturizing properties. These ingredients are all soaked into the crystal fiber mask which, thanks to its malleable, slightly gummy texture, is easy to ply and sculpt onto the face for an easy, comfortable fit.

Aside from making your skin appear more radiant and supple, this rejuvenating mask feels like the ultimate at-home, spa-worthy treat. Since it’s soaked in such a powerful formula, it does drip when you first apply it onto the skin but this, my friends, is the only drawback — and really, that’s the most insignificant of inconveniences! Once positioned on the face, however, you won’t have to worry about any more dripping as all the moisture is infused into the skin. The mask’s gel-like texture allows for maximum comfort and durability so that you won’t have to worry about it dripping or falling of your face. Best of all, it doesn’t dry out but, instead, remains cool and moist throughout the pampering experience — which means none of the sweaty discomfort associated with a dried-out, flaking, cracking clay mask.

So there you have it: MyFaceWorks’ “I Need The Work” Crystal Fiber Mask puts in some serious work!

MyFaceWorks “I Need The Works” Facial Mask, $45 for box of 3. Available at MyFaceWorks.com

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