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Flashy, Sexy and Fun — Mixology NYC’s Showgirls Collection









Don't be fooled by the "Showgirls" name — Mixology NYC's latest collection was by no means inspired by the relentlessly mocked, hairbrained 1995 film starring former Saved By The Bell star Elizabeth Berkley. The "showgirls" referenced here are memorable screen characters of '40s and '50s cinema, sexy sirens that used their feminine wiles to ensure that they lived glamorously. Donning elbow-length opera gloves, blindingly bright diamond baubles, sky-high heels, and fur boas — think Marilyn Monroe in Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend or Rita Hayworth in Gilda — these seductresses flourished in high society circles, living gaily and opulently. But it was their moxie, gumption, and street smarts that allowed them to rise from their hardscrabble roots and infiltrate the upper crust.

Mixology NYC owner and designer Alison Hessert says it was the contradiction between refinement and rough edges, poise and street smarts, that she hoped to capture in the Showgirls collection. "The pieces are showy and glamorous but still a little gritty, with their tarnished brass chains, raw soldering, and rhinestones asymmetrically, almost haphazardly, knotted," she says. The bracelets and necklaces in the collection are all named after casino havens like Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Dubai, and Saint Tropez — but, more importantly, each location has a corresponding color theme. Atlantic City's proximity to the sea, for example, inspired the use of turquoise and aquamarine Austrian crystal rhinestone chain, which were then knotted around steel cable chains (as shown in the Atlantic City Showgirls Necklace and Atlantic City Showgirls Bracelet pictured second and third from top).  As an ode to the bright lights in Vegas, meanwhile, Hessert focused on clear rhinestones for the Vegas Showgirls pieces, while the amethyst and violet Austrian crystal strands in the St. Tropez pieces (like the St. Tropez Showgirls Bracelet pictured at top) reference the aristocratic history of the French Riviera region. Crowned as the mecca of wealth, privilege and glamour, Monaco gets top-notch treatment, with double-chained, mixed color Austrian crystal strands twisted together to create a delightful and yet simultaneously debaucherous visual treat, as with the gorgeous and grand Monaco Showgirls Necklace pictured above (last from top).

Now, check these gorgeous designs out go put on your own show!


Mixology NYC St. Tropez Showgirls Bracelet, $75; Mixology NYC Atlantic City Showgirls Necklace, $150; Mixology NYC Atlantic City Showgirls Bracelet, $75; and Mixology NYC Monaco Showgirls Necklace, $250. All available at MixologyNYC.com

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