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Go For A Barbarella Biker Vibe With Lisa Freede’s Split Leather Crystals Bracelet


Whenever I look at this bracelet, I can't help but think of former Project Runway contestant Stella "Leatha" Zotis, one of the most lovable characters on Season 5 of the fashion designer-centered reality competition show. Whenever you saw Stella, you could picture her cloaked in a black leather jacket, perched atop a Harle behind her biker boyfriend (whose nickname "Ratbones" drives the point right on home) as he wove through the streets of NYC.

Now, imagine if you could take that I-don't-give-a-hoot, hardcore biker chick look, add a dash of Barbarella sex appeal, and incorporate enough sparkle to satisfy a J.Lo-worthy appetite for bling. The result would look something like the Lisa Freede Split Leather Crystal Bracelet pictured above.

Freede, a Detroit-bred jewelery designer, fuses together rock 'n' roll influences (think Joan Jett) with biker motifs and classic, timeless silhouettes for a line that includes everything from simple square- or hoop-shaped huggie earrings to multi-strand bracelets with chunky silver, gunmetal and black chains.

The above-pictured bracelet first caught out eye when George Lopez rocked it during a spoof of the Kardashian sisters at the Teen Choice Awards. As part of the skit, Lopez came out dressed as Kougar Kardashian, the top-secret fourth Kardashian sister — we're talking full-on drag, as Lopez stormed the stage with a lustrous black wig, form-fitting black bandeau dress, zippered black leather jacket, and the ultra cool bracelet pictured above. It may have been a dude-looks-like-a-lady moment (to quote Steven Tyler), but we'd be lying if we said we weren't admiring that punk-flavored bracelet on Kougar's wrist.

The 3/4"-wide, sliced leather bracelet features a row of hand-set, clear Swarovski crystals along each thin strip, as well as two sets of snaps for a comfy fit regardless of wrist size.

Lisa Freede Split Leather Crystal Bracelet, $48. Available at LisaFreede.com


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