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Green Room Thursdays — LaLicious “Sugar Kiss” Whipped Body Soap


Southern California native Jessica Kernochan’s LaLicious line of sulfate-free, paraben-free exfoliating body scrubs, emollient body butters, restorative body oils and moisturizing body soaps relies mainly on natural ingredients that condition, soften, and nourish the skin. For today, we’re going to focus on the Whipped Body Soap, which gently cleanses the skin without feeling the least bit abrasive or irritating, After introducing tropical-flavored floral and fruity scents like Tahitian Flower, Island Guava, Coconut Cream, Passionfruit Lime and Lily Mango, as well as traditional favorites like Vanilla and Peppermint, Kernochan has expanded its Whipped Body Soap to include the new Sugar Kiss scent.

Like its cleansing brethren, the non-lathering Sugar Kiss Whipped Body Soap features coconut oil, a natural skin softener that replenishes and fortifies skin while offering  protection from free radicals, as well as softening safflower seed oil, which features the antiseptic, dirt-removing properties of linoleic acid, making it an effective cleansing ingredient.

The soap is at once creamy and frothy, and it effectively and gently cleanses without stripping the skin of any moisture. Whereas some creamy shower gels feel a bit blubbery and thick, so that any droplets can just fall off the skin without ever accomplishing anything, the LaLicious Whipped Body Soap is sticky enough to stay positioned on the skin as you massage it over your body, while also being lightweight enough to never feel stifling or icky. Once you’re ready to rinse, it will easily wash off, leaving behind no residue. Even better, your skin will feel softer and more supple.

The Sugar Kiss scent, meanwhile, makes the bathing routine feel as indulgent as licking a finger covered in cake batter. The fragrance is light, playful and innocent, reminiscent of a plate full of meringues or the vanilla frosting atop a freshly baked cupcake. At the same time, it’s elusive enough that even those who completely lack a sweet tooth can enjoy it. Unlike most caramel- and chocolate-scented bath products, which tend to tread the fine line between nice and nauseating, this one manages to hit the right sweet spot, evoking a universal sense of warmth and whimsy.

LaLicious Sugar Kiss Whipped Body Soap, $17. Available at LaLicious.com

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