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Havaianas x Threadless Collection — A Call To Arts




You know what’s even better than Havaianas flip-flops in the summertime? Comfy Havaianas with printed soles featuring cheeky and clever graphic designs. For its first collaboration with Havaianas, Threadless launched an online contest and encouraged members of its online community to submit their illustrations for consideration. These submissions were then presented to the 1 million members of the Threadless community, who cast their vote and selected the top six designs, which were printed onto cotton tees and onto Havaianas flip-flops.

At the upper left corner, you’ll find the “It’s Toile About You” design by Emmy Cicierega, which features an ink blue, A.A. Milne-esque illustration of a countryside scene, replete with depictions of a man pushing a dog perched inside a wheelbarrow, a man jumping joyously before a leafy tree, and tiny butterflies, flower buds, and birds — all floating against an eggshell-colored backdrop. To its right, you’ll find the “Bloombox” design by Farhan Hassan, a turquoise blue illustration of an old-school boombox made of crashing waves curling like twisted vines. The last design on the top row is “The Animal Hunt” by Ross Zietz which features a newspaper-like word search game with animals encrypted therein — among them “elephant,” “possum,” and “fox.” If you’re ever bored, you can literally stare at this design and try to locate all the animal types hidden in the scrambled letters (and, since there’s no accompanying “cheat sheet,” you’ll be left to your own devices).

The flip-flops pictured in the second row above, meanwhile, rank among my favorites. The first of these, moving from right to left, is the “Living in Harmony” design by Josh Perkins, which features the outline of an electric guitar in chalky white against a stark black backdrop. Next, there’s my personal favorite: the “Cookies Love Milk” design by Jess Fink, a Sesame Street-worthy illustration of a toddler-like chocolate chip cookie next to a carton of milk, a speech bubble lingering over the cookie’s head and bearing the words “I Love You” to capture the symbiotic relationship between these foods. And last, there’s the “Royal Wave” design by Alvaro Arteaga, which depicts a playing card king in full royal motif (including his crown), surfing a tidal wave atop a playing card, with other suits from the deck floating behind him in the yellow sky.

Whether you wanna wear your art on your sleeve or keep your toes grounded in creativity, you can opt to snag a tee or a pair of flip-flops with the design of your choice and support emerging artists.

The tees retail for $18 each and are available at Threadless.com, while the flip-flops retail for $28 each and are available exclusively at US.Havaianas.com





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